Hearthstone patch addresses Arena balance, announces more Rumble Run rewards



It’s not even been a month after the last Hearthstone patch surprised everyone and made some rigorous card balance changes, but already a new update is live. This time, however, the focus is on two specific game modes: Arena and Rumble Run.

Blizzard's blog post starts by addressing the balance of Arena classes. The last few weeks a pretty significant strength difference between Hunter, Rogue and Warrior on the one side, and the remaining classes on the other end made for a lopsided experience. By tweaking the average quality of picks, Team 5 now hopes to bring each class’ win rate as close to 50% as is reasonably possible.

A more surprising part of the patch note is a long list of changes to Rumble Run, the single-player mode that followed the release of Hearthstone’s ‘Rastakhan’s Rumble’ expansion early December. Reminiscent of earlier expansions’ Rumble Run and Monster Hunt mode, Rumble Run left many fans disappointed. An incentive to play the mode was absent, and some key components felt rushed rather than thought-out and balanced.


In an attempt to make Rumble Run appealing for seasoned and new players alike, Team 5 is now changing several things about the mode. Offered ‘card buckets’ - used to build your deck - will have more syngergy, and some overpowered enemies’ decks have been tuned down. Additionally, if a run ends prematurely because you lost, you now can choose to run again with the same class (previously, you were offered three classes at random).

But what will probably have most players give Rumble Run another swing is a quest, which will reward packs upon defeating a certain amount of bosses. In the announcement the developers state they experimented with Rumble Run, excluded such a quest, and just front-loaded everyone with free packs instead. Well, they’ve learned from that:

“As many of you have pointed out, this decision just made the missions feel especially un-rewarding. It’s always more gratifying to earn packs by competing a quest, rather than just being given them. Going forward, we’ll keep this feedback in mind for the launch of new single-player content.”

The quest isn’t active yet, but should be implemented in another patch coming soon.


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