Fnatic Jungler Broxah has started his own Youtube channel

Mads "Broxah" Brock-Pedersen is making the most of the last few weeks of the off-season. The Fnatic Jungler has launched his own Youtube channel, and most recently uploaded his third video in three days. 



This is not only fantastic news for Fnatic fans, but for League of Legends fans worldwide. Broxah proved his world class status at the 2018 World Championship, dazzling the competition on Lee Sin as Fnatic marched all the way to the Grand Finals. 

Fnatic lost to LPL representative Invictus Gaming in a 3-0 sweep, but the loss has only motivated Broxah to work harder. The Danish Jungler explained his feelings on twitter following the All-Star event:  

"Some fans keep thinking that I/we didn’t have the hunger to go all the way at Worlds and will go downhill from here. To me it’s the opposite, because while I am proud of our overall performance this year, being so close to winning it all gives extra motivation more than anything."

▲ photo: LoL Esports 

Three videos is a small sample size for how a channel should be perceived, but Broxah has painted the picture pretty vividly in the past 72 hours. The Jungler showcases a healthy balance of high level play and carefree attitude, with some light editing for humor here and there. Broxah has also been streaming regularly since the beginning of the new year as the 2019 LEC Spring Split draws closer. 

Star Mid Laner Rasmus "Caps" Winther and legendary Fnatic Top Laner Paul "SoaZ" Boyer left the team in the off-season for other rosters, and left a massive void in personality and legacy. Broxah possesses immense talent, and his work on growing his brand through frequent content and increase in visibility should put him in the spotlight as one of Fnatic's stars in 2019. 

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