[Cartoon] Griffin Takes a Step Forward… The LCK Regular Split Soon Kicks Off!


This week’s editorial cartoon is about the LCK team’s overall performance, which has been the center of attention throughout this preseason.

The KeSPA Cup was the last tournament of 2018 and also served as a sneak peek of the LCK teams heading into Spring. With numerous tweaks to the LCK rosters, this KeSPA Cup was full of many interesting instances. The LCK rookies, DAMWON Gaming gave quite an impressive performance; most notably of all, Griffin won the trophy, shocking the LoL community. Compared to the renowned teams that went through a huge rebuilding process, Griffin succeeded on improving their teamwork without almost no changes in their roster and managed to win the KeSPA Cup without losing a single set.

Considering the performance that the teams displayed in the KeSPA Cup, a great number of fans are heatedly debating before the split has even arrived. Due to their victory at the KeSPA Cup, the expectations for Griffin have been set high. Those not hyping up Griffin are discussing how the other teams performed considerably below expectations, while others are hoping that the somewhat stagnant LCK meta will change in the upcoming split.

2018 was full of desperation, but has come to an end at last; this upcoming Spring Split will be the first chance for the LCK teams to win back their pride. They are undoubtedly getting a hearty amount of feedback - How will they perform after going through it all? Will Griffin dominate the LCK just as they did in the KeSPA Cup? What are your expectations? The D-day countdown is now at 13 days. I hope this will be enough time for the teams to make some more improvements to their performance and also enough for the new stadium to be fully ready for the upcoming Spring Split.

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