Mark Cuban and Nate Nanzer clash over player burnout via Twitter



▲ Nate Nanzer (left) and Mark Cuban (right) took to Twitter to dispute esports player's burnout.


Dallas Mavericks’ owner and billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is no stranger to voicing his opinions or working with athletes to achieve a common goal, winning.


When he caught wind of a story by Quartz referencing the early retirement ages for professional esports players, he took to Twitter to share the story and give his two cents on why Cuban hasn’t jumped in feet first with the purchase of a League of Legends team yet.


The focus of the piece revolves around a new documentary by CBS News titled "the grind" where numerous professional esports players are profiled and their heavy workload is brought to light. Revealed within "the grind" is how common it is for players to put in more than 80 hours a week gaming which has lead to physical and mental ailments.


Although very common in the esports industry, that figure can be alarming to those unfamiliar with the scene.


While Cuban is no stranger to working extreme hours to get the job done, that doesn't mean that he wants that for all of his players, employees or business partners. With weekly balance changes common in the esports industry, players are required to put in overtime just to keep up with the ever-evolving metas in their respective games.


Nate Nanzer, the commissioner of the Overwatch League, chimed in on Cuban's thoughts regarding how overworked esports players are.










Although the exchange ended there and both agreed to disagree, the fact that two titans of the gaming/tech industry felt strongly enough about this matter to confront one another speaks volumes of its importance.


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    level 1 rawbs

    thancccs brother ? luvvv ur writing :)))

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    level 3 Slayer

    Im glad Mark brought up the changes to the game mid-Season. It changes the dynamic and the meta. We need longer off-stage time., And that is when the meta changes should happen IMO

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