DWG Nuguri: "I still can't believe we've won. I'm stunned; defeating SKT is like a dream come true."

DAMWON Gaming defeated SKT T1 2:1 in the 2018 KeSPA Cup Quarterfinals on the 27th (KST). 

Both teams displayed quite an aggressive playstyle. A lot of fights and kills occurred in games 1, 2; it was indeed one of the most competitive matchups for this KeSPA Cup. With SKT and DAMWON securing a game each, the series went to the 3rd set.

SKT managed to gain the early game advantage using their bottom duo's lane dominance. After Teddy and Mata aggressively pushed through their lane, Mata started to roam throughout the map using the Boots of Mobility. It seemed likely that SKT would easily win this game. However, DAMWON turned the tables by winning a huge teamfight victory near the Baron. With some late-game carries on their comp, DAMWON started to dominate the mid/late game. After winning another teamfight near SKT's top inhibitor, DAMWON destroyed the Nexus and closed down the series. 

After the match, DAMWON Gaming's Nuguri and Canyon was interviewed. 

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What are your thoughts on today's victory?

Nuguri: I can't believe it. I still can't believe we've won. I'm stunned; defeating SKT is like a dream come true. 

Canyon: I was really bad today. I want to thank my laners that performed well. 


You had a very hard time on game 1. Didn't you feel pressured going into game 2?

Nuguri: I think the problems that I had in practice came out on game 1. I had a hard time communicating with my jungler and I was very vulnerable to ganks. Going into game 2, I decided to use champions that are vulnerable to ganks such as Viktor after practicing them more. 


Why did you pick Vladimir on game 3? 

Nuguri: He appears in solo queue quite often. Also, in one of the past meta, top laners used to buy gold items and I picked Vladimir a lot with that item. Composition-wise, we had Camille and Galio so I thought they'd go well with Vladimir. 


What are your thoughts on Camille jungle? 

Canyon: It's not that good to use her alone without any other support. Her tier becomes higher when used with champions like Galio.

The first Baron teamfight was the key to your victory in game 3. What happened there? 

Canyon: I saw Azir vulnerable so I dashed into him. 

Nuguri: We were having a tough time. However, after we won that teamfight I knew that we wouldn't lose fights for the rest of the game. We actually told ourselves that 'we can't lose now'. 


You'll face Griffin next. Do you have anything to say?

Nuguri: One problem after another... I'll practice even harder and try my best. 

Canyon: Personally, I wanted to face Griffin. I'd like to display an awesome teamfight against them.

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