China Declares the Direction of Their Domestic Game Industry and Resumes Game Approvals

Feng Shixin, Deputy Director of the Publications Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department (image source:


On December 21, Feng Shixin, Deputy Director of the Publications Bureau of the Central Propaganda Department, delivered a speech on the development of China’s online game industry at the China Game Industry Annual Conference. He said that the industry has been experiencing problems such as lacking originality, lack of cultural connotation, deviation of value orientation, and inadequate implementation of social responsibility, which restricts the health of the game industry as a whole. He emphasized that they must face the problems head-on and constantly correct their direction so that the industry is healthy, orderly, and high-quality.

Feng also informed those present that a number of games have already been examined and are ready to receive approval. It has been 4 months since the temporary suspension of game approvals took place last August.

Below are the 4 points presented by Feng that the industry is suggested to follow:

1. Take on cultural missions

As a producer and communicator of culture, the game industry must have firm cultural self-confidence and a high degree of cultural consciousness. They must take the lead in practicing the core values of socialism by creating and producing outstanding work.

2. Fulfill social responsibilities

When it comes to online games, teenagers are the main players, and games have an important and direct impact on their physical and mental health. Game companies must stand at the height of newcomers in the era of national rejuvenation, attach importance to their social responsibilities, insist on putting social benefits first, put the protection of minors first, correctly handle the relationship between "righteousness" and "profit", and pay attention to society.

3. Accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading

As the user demographic dividends and other industry-enhancing factors have gradually subsided, the game industry should accelerate the structural reform of the supply side, firmly establish a sense of quality, abandon the idea of ​​quick success, actively control the excessive growth of products, focus on improving product quality, and move forward with an "artisan spirit". In consideration of the problems exposed in the development of the industry, such as excessive profit-seeking, infringement plagiarism, and consumer fraud, the government will strictly regulate such behavior.

4. Promote the spread of excellent games overseas

In recent years, China's online game industry has achieved certain achievements by exploring the international market. However, our game companies have insufficient innovation and the level of storytelling needs to be improved. It is necessary to learn from the good practices and experience of other countries and actively expand into the international market space. It is necessary to pay more attention to the cultural connotation of games and to better disseminate Chinese culture, promote Chinese values, and embody Chinese aesthetic tastes through the games.

While Feng mentioned resuming game approvals at the end of the speech, it is still unclear whether they will be internal or external approvals. It is expected that the public’s concern and attention surrounding China’s gaming market will subside after the recent 20 games being re-evaluated.

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