Faker on the New SK Telecom T1: "Everyone has a loud personality. We became close to each other, really quickly"

The rebuilt SK Telecom T1 advances to the 'round of 8' of the '2018 KeSPA Cup Round 1'.

On the 20th of December, at the Actoz Arena, the 3rd day of the 2018 KeSPA Cup took place. On the 2nd and final series of the day, SKT T1 faced APK Prince and came out on top with a score of 2-0. Today's match was SKT's very first after its makeover during the offseason. Throughout the series, Faker was a constant target of the enemy jungler and support roam. However, with the help of his teammates, Faker retaliated with aggressive plays of his own, nullifying APK's aggressive attempt of shutting him down. 

The following is KeSPA's post-match interview with Faker.

Today's match was SK Telecom's very first after its rebuild. How do you feel about the victory?

We're doing our best to try and win the KeSPA Cup, no matter what. It feels good knowing that we had a good start [at the tournament]. We'll continue to show great performance moving forward.

You were a constant target of the enemy jungler. 

In game 1, I was the lure for the enemy jungler, so the game went according to plan. In game 2 however, I wasn't able to hear Thresh's chain well. I think that's why I fell victim to them in lane.

Who makes the calls in the new SK Telecom T1?

Everyone speaks their mind, whenever they want to. We don't have a main shotcaller.

The players on SKT all have unique personalities, so I worried that the players will struggle adapting to the new environment. In the team, who annoys your ears the most?

Everyone is very talkative, and in turn, our team atmosphere saw some change. It's definitely louder.

Everyone has a loud personality. We became close to each other, really quickly. 

I heard that you are really close friends with two players on your team. In your opinion, who are you the closest to?

I don't have a teammate that I favor over another. 

You said your goal is to win the KeSPA Cup. Please have a say to your fans.

A lot of fans watched today's game. I'm very thankful for that. We'll continue to show great performance moving forward.

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