[KR Reactions] 2018 KeSPA Cup, SKT vs. APK: "LPL villains, just you wait, a godly SKT is heading your way"

[Game 1]

If Mickey scores a solo-kill against Faker, will the netizens of Korea explode?
ㄴThe Mickey returns!
ㄴSanghyeok’s trade was really something.
ㄴKakaO is mainly focusing on the mid lane.

(Mickey scores a solo-kill)

Mickey’s dice is currently being thrown live.
ㄴHe’s become god-key? Haha
ㄴIs Faker crying? LOL.
ㄴWhy is mid lane such a hot place right now lol.
     ㄴThey found the team's weakness?


(SKT destroys the enemy outer bot lane turret)

Teddy-Mata combo is broken.
ㄴThe bot lane is doing the best out of all of SKT.
ㄴFaker is having a blast playing League right now LOL.
ㄴKakao went mid 6 times.

(Faker lands a 5-man root)

Sanghyeok my man.
ㄴOur Sanghyeok.

I'm sorry for ever having doubts in you.
Breaking news: a new super team is born.
Legend Never Die

Is this the dream team?
Teddy is playing so well. He's doing everything for the team!
     ㄴTeddy didn't get hit by a single Alistar combo.

(?????: So this is League of Legends!)

▲ "What have I been playing all this time?"

(Thoughts from each and every member of SKT.txt)

Khan: I won just farming?
Clid: I won just covering for my teammates?
Faker: I won?
Teddy: Our mid, top, and jungler are good players?
Mata: We aren't throwing?

[Game 2]

(Faker dominates his lane)

Look at the difference in skill in the mid lane.
ㄴTime to start the 2-man mid meta.
ㄴXin Zhao is spectating lmao.
ㄴFaker can win lane, even if it's 2 vs. 1.
ㄴMid lane is a constant 2 vs. 1. 

(erssu predicts a gank on bot lane)

erssu doesn't belong in the challenger league.
ㄴIs APK Prince an erssu one-man team?
ㄴHow the hell did he do that lmao. The psychological warfare that's happening right now is insane.

Teddy heads straight to the Nexus.
ㄴTeddy does not die lol.
ㄴEven here in SKT, Teddy is the head of the house hold.
ㄴIs this the dream team???
ㄴTeddy is used to this kind of gameplay lmao. If he dies, his team loses.

(Teddy puts out a monstrous performance in a fight)

JAG Teddy is back.
ㄴTeddy is so freaking good lmao.
ㄴFaker bought Mejai's again?
ㄴFaker is going to get carried this season hahaha.
ㄴ100 CS difference in the mid lane LOL.

LPL villains, just you wait, a godly SKT is heading your way.
ㄴ20K gold difference at 28-minutes into the game LOL.
ㄴMore than 40 kills at 28 minutes? Is this real life?
ㄴConclusion: Teddy is too real.

What I'm most shocked about today's game is that: this guy did the 2nd best.

(Damage graph of game 2)

Our general Teddy lol.
ㄴThat Mickey damage though LOL.
ㄴOur Hyeok was getting ganked non-stop, but he still dished out a lot of damage.
ㄴTeddy is treasure.

(Teddy learns how to smile)

"League of Legends is super fun," lmao.
ㄴHe looks like he's having super fun.
ㄴLet's walk down the road of success from here on out.
ㄴLeague is so fun~


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