BDO KR Patch Notes Dec 19th: Unleashed Awakening Skills for Archer, Caphras Stone Extraction


Ongoing Event: 2nd week of Christmas Party
  -  From Dec 19th to Dec 26th
  -  Grandpa Cron and Patrigio have prepared special gifts for you!

New Event: Thanks 4 You
  -  From Dec 19th to Jan 2nd
  -  Play BDO with your friends to win various rewards!

New Event: Pearl Shop Special Sales for Archer Awakening - Unleash
  -  From Dec 19th to Jan 9th
  -  Special discounts on 4th Anniversary package, new Archer costume, and Wolf Pet!

New Event: Winter Snowman Festival
  -  From Dec 19th to Jan 16th
  -  Build a cute snowman and receive various gifts! Also, Piku has returned.

New Event: GM’s Surprise Events
  -  From Dec 19th to Dec 26th
  -  GM’s end of the year gifts! Golden Bell, Garmoth, and Offin will appear in random servers



Renown Score and Renown Score bonuses (maximum 20 AP and damage reduction) have been removed.
  -  This has been applied to summoned creatures as well.

As Renown Score bonuses are removed, DP mechanics have been adjusted.
  -  PvE balance in some grind spots has changed.
  -  Balance will be updated later as well.

When customizing your character, the function “Face screen” will not work when the character is posing.

Fixed the issue where eye makeups were applied to lips.

Fixed the issue where the character that is sharing exp with the Archer could not get exp.

Base main weapon will be visible in the character selection screen when a character is not holding a main weapon.

Fixed the issue where the camera effect was too strong when the character is sprinting in non-combat stance, awakening combat stance, and non-awakening combat stance.

Fixed the issue where camera #1, 2, and 3 were not zoomed in when you select the accessory part in the dye window as the Witch.

Fixed the issue where exp was not accumulated above certain amount when switching from the Archer to another character.



The Archer can now Unleash his Awakening skills.
  -  You can Unleash the Archer’s awakening skills by finishing Black Spirit’s quests as a level 56 or above Archer. (9 quests in the chain)
  -  You can use more powerful Greatbow skills by acquiring more Awakening skills after finishing the quests.

The Absolute skills have been added.
  -  Absolute: Spirit Arrow
  -  Absolute: Piercing Cry
  -  Absolute: Ra’ghon’s Spirit
  -  Absolute: Earth Kick
  -  Absolute: Purging Shot
  -  Absolute: Volant Kick
  -  Absolute: Ascending Spirit
  -  Absolute: Vine Cutter
  -  Absolute: Gaping Darkness
  -  Absolute: Shadow Hack
  -  Absolute: Verdure Clout
  -  Absolute: Meteor Dive
  -  Absolute: Covering Fire
  -  Absolute: Storm of Light
  -  Absolute: Wrath of Nature
  -  Absolute: Earth Shatter
  -  Absolute: Bolt of Radiance
  -  Absolute: Arrow Explosion
  -  You can learn the Absolute skills in the main skill window after reaching certain levels.

Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion will not be activated in non-awakening stance if the skill is locked.

The “falling” animation will be displayed when the Archer is returning after Zephyr Leap.

Fixed the typo in the skill tooltip of Piercing Light

Damage of the following skills has increased.

The effects of basic jump attack with Crossbow have changed.

Fixed the issue where the first jump attack of Spirit Arrow recovered the amount of MP that the full shots of Spirit Arrow is supposed to recover.

Fixed the issue where Black Spirit: Bolt of Radiance was still used after locking the skill.

Fixed the issue where the Archer did not switch to non-combat stance while moving to the left in Greatbow stance.

Fixed the issue where critical hit rate was still applied when the Archer is using forward Winged Strike during cooldown.

Fixed the issue where the cooldown of Black Spirit: Radiant Explosion was not applied in Crossbow stance.

Fixed the issue where Awakening skill damage was only affected by main AP.

Fixed the issue where the “falling” animation was displayed when the Archer jumps while switching to non-combat stance.

Fixed the issue where the camera effects of Light’s Path remained after the Archer uses Gaping Darkness or Full Bloom.

Fixed the issue where the “falling” animation was not displayed during Glide.

Fixed the issue where the shirt and the cape overlapped when wearing Valks costume.

Fixed the issue where Earth Kick did not recover the right amount of MP when the skill is used during cooldown.

Typos in some skill descriptions are fixed.

Fixed the issue forward Piercing Cry did not recover MP.

Fixed the abnormal motion after reviving when the Archer is not equipping a main weapon.

Fixed the awkward animation during auto-pathing.

The “falling” animation will be displayed when the Archer is returning after using Meteor Dive and Piercing Cry.

Fixed the issue where the weapon became invisible after using Exhale in awakening stance.

Fixed the issue where the arrows looked awkward after the charging in Luthraghon’s Call is done.

Fixed the awkward camera effect while connecting to other skills after Light’s Path.

Fixed the issue where Flow: Light’s Trail did not inflict knock down and down smash during mounted combat.

Fixed the issue where the effects of Righteous Fire was applied when using Greatbow Training while jumping or sprinting.

Archer’s skill guide has been added.

Fixed the issue where Rage Absorption was still used when Black Spirit’s Rage is not 100%.

Fixed the issue where the effects of Radiant Explosion did not match the skill tooltip’s description during mounted combat.

Fixed the issue where the Archer’s AP did not increase when using Greatbow Training during mounted combat.

The range of Light’s Path has increased by 2m.

The Archer will now get off from a horse in a combat stance.



Fixed the issue where the Amulet and the Gloves overlapped when wearing Millen Fedora costume.



Fixed the issue where the Maehwa’s face was black when certain hair types are applied.

Descriptions regarding whether the skill can be used again during cooldown have been added to some skill tooltips.



The Valkyrie’s forehead will not show when wearing Arrendo Helmet.


[Kunoichi and Ninja]

Fixed the issue where Fatal Blow I-IV could not be used when WP is below 25.

Fixed the issue where Fox Claw I-Absolute could not be used when WP is below 25.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness on the Ninja’s back when wearing Sicarios Armor with low durability.



Fixed the graphical awkwardness on the snowflake when dying Noel Clothes.



Archer’s main weapons, sub weapons, and awakening weapons are added to Patrigio’s shop.

Fixed the typos in the descriptions of Archer’s Valks weapons.

Fixed the issue where the furnitures installed in houses would disappear.

The Archer can now open Ethan’s Travel Wear Box.

Patrigio will sell the below items on Christmas.

The following items will be on Patrigio’s shop on Christmas day (Dec 25th 00:00 to 23:59).
  -  [Event] Rare Cron Box (30 million)
  -  Cron Box (1 million)
  -  Memory Fragment (500,000)
  -  Items in Cron Box: Jin Magic Crystal - Harphia / Cobelinus / Viper / Hystria / Carmae / Addis, Sealed Book of Combat (7 days), Blessing of Kamasylve (7 days), Merv’s Palette (7 days), Awakened Dim Tree Spirit Summon Scroll, Awakened King of Navarn Steppe Summon Scroll, Awakened Gyfin Rhasia Raid Captain Summon Scroll, 2 Pure Forest Breath, 2 Stonetail Fodder, 2 Breezy Conch Seaweed, [Event] Cron Golden Bell, Sharp Black Crystal Shard, Hard Black Crystal Shard

Fixed the issue where [Event] Peach Flower Coronet was not visible on the Archer.

Fixed the typos in the item descriptions of [Event] Lahr Arcien Weapon, Costume Box (15 days).

The Archer can now open [Event] Underwear Box.

Fixed the issue where Savage Matchlocks were not visible on the Archer.

[Combat] Trina Matchlock and [Savage] Matchlock will not require ammo anymore.
  -  You do not have to equip [Combat] Trina Lead Bullet or [Savage] Matchlock Bullet anymore.

[Combat] Trina Matchlock will inflict bleed debuff. (used to be the effect of Trina Lead Bullet)

Crossbow, Greatbow, and Ra’ghon that can be registered at the Marketplace can now be given to Fairies.

When gathering Oysters, you will not get 2 to 3 instead of 1 to 2

When gathering Corals, you will now get 1 to 2 instead of 1.

Taxes will not be applied on the items obtained from [Event] Weapon/Costume Boxes

[Event] Pavila costume Box will have Archer’s Pavila costume.

The following sentence has been added to the item description of Character Name Change Ticket: The character’s name will not change when you delete the character.

Fixed the issue where the Archer’s AP did not go up when Kaia Crossbow is equipped.

Fixed the typo on the exchange button for Kaia Crossbow.

Fixed the typo on the item tooltip of Katan Greatbow.

Katan’s Greatbow can now be sold to NPC vendors.



Guild missions are reworked.
  -  You can now get individual rewards based on your contribution to the guild mission.
  -  The maximum amount of individual rewards you can get is half of the guild expense specifically set for guild mission rewards. If there are multiple members who participated in the mission, the money will be distributed based on each member’s contribution.
  -  When calculating the money, the number below the decimal point will be dropped.
  -  Individual rewards will be deducted from guild money.
  -  You can click on the “pay” button on the guild UI to receive the individual reward.
  -  You can now accept guild missions without paying deposit.
  -  You can complete a maximum of 10 guild missions per day.
  -  Limited guild missions are removed. More than one guild can now accept the same guild mission.
  -  Guild mission categories in the Guild UI have changed to Combat, Life, and Trade.
  -  The time it takes for guild missions to be renewed will be the same, but after the missions are renewed a total of 16 missions will be available. The number of missions in each category might be different.
  -  Guild missions can be proceeded in different servers.
  -  5x guild mission reward event will be permanent.

A new system where you can extract Caphras Stones used for TRI/TET/PEN gear has been added.
  -  You can extract Caphras Stones from the Blacksmith NPCs in each town.
  -  You can extract a maximum of 85% of the Caphras Stones you used for an item.
  -  The enhancement level will remain when extracting Caphras Stones from an item that you spent Caphras Stones for 100% enhancement.
  -  It will cost 10 million silver to extract one Caphras Stone.

You can no longer purchase [Savage] Matchlock Ammo from Savage Rift shop.

Auto-pathing in Ancado Coast will not be blocked by obstacles anymore.

Fixed the issue where war could not be declared on the guilds other than the guild alliance leader’s guild after conquering a node or a territory as an alliance.

[Combat] Trina Lead Bullet Knowledge has changed to “Lost Bullet”.

Knowledge Category has changed to Southwest Calpheon Adventure Journal.

The “summoning” animation will not be displayed when a player who is not the party leader uses summon scrolls or summon scrolls are expired.



Monsters in Cron Castle will have 25% less AP and 20% less DP.

Some monsters in Cron Castle have been relocated.

Certain patterns of Shadow of Gahaz will not inflict CC anymore.

The following monsters are relocated for easier grinding: Shadow of Gahaz, Desert Naga Gatekeeper, Desert Fogan Gatekeeper

White Wolf Captain and King Brown Bear will teleport to the player when they are stuck.

Fixed the abnormal HP of the following monsters: Gyfin Rhasia Statue of Earth, Gahaku (Ancient Ruins), Saunil Siege Captain (Ancient Ruins), Magram (Pila Fe)


[Quest and Knowledge]

New title “Light that burns away Darkness” has been added. (Obtainable from Archer’s Awakening Skill Unleash quests)

Inventory slots obtainable from main quests have been removed and will be available from seperate quests (Black Spirit’s Gift).

You can accept the quest [Inventory Expansion] Adventure Essential Checklist quest after completing Outback Veteran, one of the revamped main quests.

A sentence saying that you have to use a Practice Matchlock has been added to the quest description of the quest “Annoying Jellyfish.”

The cutscenes for the new main quests will be played if you are going through the new main quests with a new character.

Argerian Armor Set has been added as one of the reward choices for the following quests: Memorial Service for the Fallen People, Return, Gateway to Heidel, Repairing the Quarry

Footprint of the Wind buff that lasts for 3 minutes has been added as a reward for the following quests: Another path, Foretold Calamity

Two quests in which you can obtain Ham Sandwich have been added to the Calpheon main story quests.

Auto-pathing during the quest “Infiltration to Cron Castle” has been improved.

Fixed the issue where the Knowledge “Al Rhundi, the Mortal” was not obtainable.

Fixed the issue where Black Spirit’s guidance did not work for the following summon scrolls: Al Rhundi Summon Scroll, Saunil Siege Captain Summon Scroll

Fixed the issue where Leo Laurie in the quest summary was written as Chuck Laurie for the quest [Daily] An Epicurean Alligator.

Fixed the error in the navigation during the quest [Daily] Lanka and Kamasylve.



Fixed the issue where the UI did not function properly after getting hit by guards while talking to stable managers when your Karma is below 0.

The characters who went through the old main quests will not go through the new tutorials anymore.

Rosar Crossbow has been removed from the item drop list for Abandoned Iron Mine.

Fixed the issue where the text on the horse information UI overlapped when registering a horse to the Horse Market.

The icon for random appearance when exchanging pets has changed.

The area of the checkbox for “continuous gathering” when collecting water has been larger.

The alignment of guild name, maximum number of members, and distribution ratio has been redesigned.

For the skills that can be used while on cooldown, the sentence “can be used while on cooldown” will be written on the skill tooltip.

Fixed the issue where Trade items info did not disappear.

Fixed the wrong text alignments on some UIs.

Fixed the issue where the Archer was not on the list of classes that Attack Speed is applied.

Descriptive sentences about time limit and deposit will be displayed when you put your mouse over the related text.

The character will be in awakening stance when you select awakening weapon in the dye window.

Fixed the issue where some character’s awakening weapons were not visible in the dye window.

Awakening combo tutorials for all characters have been revamped.

Fixed the issue where some texts went outside of the boxes in some windows.

Fixed the issue where the location of repair window was different in different resolutions.

Fixed the abnormal display of the exp gauge of the horses that are connected to wagon.

Windows related to guild will close together when you close the guild window.

The red alarm that appears when your character’s HP is low will appear when the screen is changing as well.

Fixed the issue where the lines between skill icons were broken.

Fixed the broken alignment of icons in the pet window when there are more than 5 actions.

Due to the UI icons optimization, the volume of the game client has decreased by 0,8G.

Fixed the issue where the class icon for the Archer was not displayed in the Clan list.

EXP mark will be displayed on the character tag icon during the “Level Up with the Archer” event.

Description regarding leveling up has been added on the character tag window.

Guild daily salary window will close than guild contract pops up while guild daily salary window is open.

When guild contract content changes, the new amount of silver will be properly written on the guild salary collect page.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

Characters will not stuck between the Christmas ornaments in Velia anymore.

Fixed the awkward display of geographical features in Khalk Canyon.

The empty space between the rocks in Corridor of Chaos has been removed.

The background music for night and day will be played properly.

Fixed the abnormal display of NPC Philance during the video “Broken Caphras’ Seal”.



The target’s HP will be synchronized when summoned creatures attack enemies.

Fixed the issue where the HP of Galley was not refreshed when it was attacked.

Successful enhancement notification will be displayed to guild members when you successfully enhance an awakening weapon.

Fixed the issue where the character could not move after changing location during the Black Spirit summon animation.

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