The Devil’s Festival with the Biggest Rewards: What is the Ragna Break and How to Prepare for it

The Ragna Break is a seasonal raid content in Destiny Child. Each new season of the Ragna Break features a new Child and new stories centered around that Child. Along with the new stories, you can also find raid bosses randomly and obtain valuable items.


During the Ragna Break season, you can get many rare rewards including a new Child and 5-star Child Summon Tickets. When you clear the boss raid, you have a chance to get a 5-Star Child or 5-Star gear and make your team a lot more powerful.

The Ragna Break is the biggest event in Destiny Child, incomparable to any other part of the game. You can get many rare rewards in a short amount of time, so you must be quick and meticulous so that you don’t miss any of it.


▲ The Ragna Break is the biggest event in Destiny Child.


■ Ragna Break Basics: How Ragna Break works

The Ragna Break has two dungeons: the Ragna Dungeon where you can meet the new Child and experience the story around that Child, and the Raid Dungeon where the new Child appears as a raid boss. The Ragna Dungeon is similar to the regular story dungeons, but will consume more stamina and give better rewards. The Ragna Dungeons also level up characters faster.

The Raid Dungeon is the core feature in the Ragna Break. You can find a raid boss while clearing the Ragna Dungeons or the regular story dungeons. The boss’ level will start from 1 and will increase by one each time you find a new boss. The max level is 40, and a level 40 raid boss is extremely hard to kill.

How can you defeat such a powerful boss? First thing you have to know is that raid dungeons are not one-time dungeons. For example, in regular story dungeons, when all of your Childs are dead, you have failed to clear the dungeon and have to start all over again. In boss raids, the damage you dealt will still remain and the battle will resume when you enter the dungeon again. For the raid bosses that comes with regular monsters, the regular monsters will not be summoned again when you kill them and enter the fight again.


▲ The Ragna Dungeon will consume more stamina and give better rewards.
▲ You can find a raid boss while clearing the Ragna Dungeons or the regular story dungeons.
▲ You can check the damage you dealt on the result screen.

You can enter the raids that your friends have found as well. It is different from bringing a friend’s Child to a story dungeon. Multiple players enter the same dungeon and fight the same boss. The boss’ HP is shared among everyone who participated in the raid, so keep adding more friends if you want to enter more raids.

However, there are limits on how many times you can enter a raid. You will spend one “Ragna Ticket” each time you enter a boss raid. You will get 10 tickets for free per day, and the ticket will be recharged after a certain amount of time if you spend all of them. You can also spend Crystals to get more tickets, but basically, you have to get as many rewards as possible by spending as few tickets as possible. The amount of Ragna Coins, which you need to purchase items from the Ragna Shop, you get will be proportional to the damage you dealt during a raid.

To deal more damage, you need a team specially composed for the season rather than your main team. You need a team that consists of Childs that have the Attribute that can deal the most damage to the raid bosses while protecting the team. Dealing damage is especially important because you will have a higher chance of getting a reward box - which includes additional rewards - if you are the one that dealt the highest damage.

You cannot get any rewards until the boss' HP reaches 0, and you have to do this within 2 hours. If you fail to kill the boss in 2 hours, you won't get any rewards from the raid. Always check the remaining hours and the boss' HP so you do not miss any rewards.

If you have collected enough Ragna Coins, you can visit the Raid Shop to purchase various items. In the shop, there are items that are only available once per account and items you can purchase only a certain amount per day. The items you have to buy first are the ones that are available once per account, which are located at the top of the list. 

When you purchase all four of the once-per-account items, you will get a Child as a Final Reward and reset the list. The Final Reward will be bigger as you reset the list more, and you can get 5-Star Childs like Santa Claus and Krampus if you reset the list many times. You will lose a chance to obtain a 5-Star Child if you spend too many Ragna Coins on the daily-limited items, so make sure you have enough coins to reset the list.   


▲ You can enter the raids that your friends have found as well.
▲ You can get Gold, Onyx, Crystals, and Ragna Coins as rewards.
▲ Purchase the ones that are on the top first.


■ The Main Attribute for Season 0 is Wood: Prepare a Fire-type deck

The main boss in Ragna Break Season 0 is Krampus, with Santa Claus and Rudolph in lower level raids.

Krampus is a Wood-type boss, so having more Fire-type Childs and less Water-type Childs will help you in the long run. If you don’t have enough Fire-type Childs that can enter the raid, prioritize Fire-type Attackers and Defenders, Supporters, and Healers that can be used throughout different content when leveling up your Childs.

Rudolph is the boss monster for the level 1 to level 10 raids. It will appear with minions, but is not particularly hard to defeat. You do not need a team with a specific Attribute for Rudolph, and can easily clear the dungeon with one or two Ragna Tickets.

Santa Claus is the boss monster for the level 11 to level 20 raids and will appear with minions as well. Santa Claus inflicts a Freeze debuff, which makes the inflicted characters slower. Santa Claus is a Water-type boss, so Fire-type Childs will not deal much damage. Your team should have Wood-type DPS Childs, Supporters that can speed up the damage cycle, and Healers.

Recommended Wood-type Attackers are Siren, Abaddon, and Korra. Keep in mind that Santa Claus is not the main boss of the Ragna Break, so do not put too much effort into leveling up Wood-type Attackers. Recommended Healer is Maat; Maat can heal all allies and can remove Freeze with her normal attack. Maat can also revive your Childs when they are dead.


▲ Level 1 to 10 Rudolph is not hard to defeat.
▲ Maat can remove Freeze as well as reviving the allies.
▲ Recommended Deck for Ragna Break Season 0 Level 1 to 10 Boss (Rudolph)
▲ Recommended Deck for Ragna Break Season 0 Level 11 to 20 Boss (Santa)

Krampus will appear as a boss starting from the level 21 raid. From level 21 to 30, Krampus will appear with minions and will use skills that deal damage to multiple targets as well as attacks that inflict poison. The minions will revive when a certain amount of time passes after you kill them, so use your Fire-type Attackers to kill Krampus quickly before the minions revive. Make sure you do not FEVER attack with a Child that is poisoned because the poison damage will melt the Child’s HP.

Krampus will not appear with minions in the level 31 to 39 raids, but the difficulty of the raid will increase even more. Krampus will use Enrage skills like Hades’ Tap skill, which is a skill that accumulates damage and returns the damage to the enemy all at once. The Enrage skill can be deadly. Krampus will also use Double-Edged Sword and will have lower DEF and higher ATK as time goes on.

When fighting against the level 31 to 39 Krampus, you need Childs that can protect allies from powerful attacks. You can use a taunt tank and a barrier tank together to reduce damage, remove Krampus’ Enrage buff with Nirrti, or use Healers that can give Immortal (e.g. Metis). Immortal status only lasts for 10 seconds, so you need to use the skill at the right moment.

Level 40 Krampus, the max level raid boss, also has the Double-Edged Sword effect and puts time bombs on two allies. Time bombs will explode after 20 seconds and deal fixed damage, so having Childs who can give barriers (e.g. Dana and Epona) is highly recommended. The battle will be long because Krampus has high HP, so you will definitely need a Healer. Use your Healer’s skills or Defender’s skills before Krampus uses its Drive skill to recover your allies’ HP and protect your team.


▲ You must have Defenders/Healers to protect your team from massive damage.

The most recommended Attacker in the raid is Medb. Medb will attack four times with her Slide skill, and her Tab skill can deal additional damage to enemies who have buffs on. Medb can deal massive FEVER damage to Krampus, as Krampus constantly has the Double-Edged Sword buff on.

If you don’t have Medb, Jupiter can replace her. Jupiter can boost your team’s damage by reducing the enemy’s defense and will deal DoT with the bleed debuff. If you don’t have any 5-star Childs, you can use 4-star Attackers like Yuna, Neith, and Fenrir. Yuna can deal additional damage to Wood-type enemies, Neith can ignore defense, and Fenrir can deal DoT with the bleed debuff.

4-star Attackers have lower HP and DEF compared to 5-star Attackers, and will be easily killed. If you are using 4-star Attackers you must Uncap them and level them up, and should have tanks who can protect them.

For Supporters, you can use Chang’e or Aria. Chang’e can speed up skill charge, and Aria will allow you to enter FEVER state more often by making you use Drive skills faster. If you don’t have any 5-star Supporters who can speed up skill charge rate, you can use Mayahuel or Quirinus instead. Hermes and Fortuna are good choices if you want some ATK buffs.


For survivability, Dana is a must-have. Dana gives barriers to all five of your Childs and increases their DEF as well. Having Dana in your team will increase your team’s survivability dramatically. Mars also gives barriers to all five of your Childs, but cannot give additional DEF.

Epona can give barriers to three of your Childs. Epona also gives Vampirism to the allies, so she might be better at healing than Dana or Mars.

Lastly, you can use Pomona, Daphne, or Syrinx as a Healer. Pomona and Daphne are 4-star Childs who have both an instant heal and continuous heal, and Syrinx can give an Endurance buff to reduce physical damage and provide continuous heal. If your Childs are not strong enough to survive Krampus’ attacks, you should have Maat in your team and use her Drive skill as soon as your Childs die.

Recommended Decks for Ragna Break Season 0 Boss (Krampus)

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