HearthStone: Secrets Behind the Illustrations Part. 1

Did you know that Old Murk-Eye, Murloc Raider, and Murloc Scout are all in one image? What about the little girl stepping on the top of Fen Creeper? There are many fun facts you might have missed while you're busy playing. Here’s a collection of HearthStone card illustrations that extend beyond the frame. Let’s take a look!

(Click the caption to see an enlarged image.)

Part. 1 Where The Heck Were You? / 2-in-1
Part. 2 Close Up / Part of The World / Secret Weapon


Two Yetis, Warlock and a Succubus? Now we’re talking a real value


▲ I never thought a Troll was holding it


Owl let you in on a little secret: that shrub is not going to hide your whole body.


Wait..I think I felt something


You again? Now with Cyclops Visor


So it was not a fairy tale
(HearthStone flavor text: “Summoning a Doomguard is risky. Someone is going to die.”)


Apparently, Squirrel has a lot of friends


Trolls everywhere


▲ Link


How come I never get to see a snowman in the game?


Maybe he’s called Dread Corsair because he’s dreading his imminent death-by-gnome


Disciple of pain, FeelsGoodMan


Mukla says they’re going to mooove in together
(HearthStone flavor text: “King Mukla wanders Jaguero Isle, searching for love.”)


I always thought that it was just some kind of green lava


Hey, is that a Falstad?


Budget sale: 3 Murlocs for the price of 1


▲ (Left) You’re a little bigger than I imagined     ▲ (Right) Link

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