League of Legends Esports Episode in Upcoming Netflix Series, 7 DAYS OUT

League of Legends Esports will be featured in an upcoming Netflix series called 7 DAYS OUT. The series -- which will air on Netflix on December 21, 2018 -- offers an intimate look at the excitement and drama of the seven days leading up to the most significant historical and cultural events in the worlds of fashion, food, space, sports, and entertainment.

The League of Legends episode follows the four finalist League of Legends teams over the course of the 7 days leading into the 2018 North American Spring Finals this past year. The documentary series will deliver "unprecidented, behind-the-scenes access" to the NA Spring Finals, with the other episodes covering the Westminster Dog Show, Eleven Madison Park, NASA’s Cassini Mission, the Kentucky Derby, and the CHANEL Haute Couture Fashion Show.

Each self-contained episode spans seven full days in the life of an esteemed visionary and their
entourage as they prepare for their most important event of the season. "At the core of each episode is a passionate group of people who have everything at stake in order to achieve their vision/dream," reads a press release sent to Inven Global.

"We are so used to seeing the perfect moment, and each episode takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey where we see the fear, anxiety and hard work that goes into successfully pulling off these extraordinary events."

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