KT Rolster Acquires UmTi and Gango, Finalizing Their 2019 Roster

KT Rolster has finished building their roster for the 2019 LCK Spring Split.

On the 13th, KT made an announcement through Facebook that they have signed UmTi and Gango. The newly-acquired jungler and ADC players will fight alongside the rest of KT Rolster beginning Spring of 2019.

UmTi is a jungler that previously played for Jin Air Green Wings. After joining the scene in December 2016, UmTi spent his entire career on JAG before this move. As UmTi is a jungler wielding an aggressive playstyle, KT will be able to adopt a plethora of different styles on stage. 

As for Gango, he first entered the scene through Samsung White as a sub ADC player, with the Summoner name, 'Skatch'. Then, in 2015, Skatch entered the LPL scene along with Heart and began playing for Vici Potential Gaming. When the team was relegated later that year, Gango continued streaming until early 2018, when he moved to Japan to play in the LJL on 'Unsold Stuff Gaming'. He renamed to Gango after the move. On his very first debut game in the LJL, Gango scored a pentakill on Ezreal and was selected as match MVP. Carrying a very aggressive playstyle, Gango reached the LJL Finals. Gango will now bring his skills to KT, and many are hoping for a chance to see his famous Draven in KT's bot lane soon. 

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