[Cartoon] Boosting Prohibition Law Passed in South Korea -- ‘No Game Boosting’


This week’s editorial cartoon is about the ‘game boosting prohibition’ law that was recently passed in South Korea on December 7th.


One of the main offenses that upset the gaming ecosystem, ‘in-game boosting’, will be prohibited by law in South Korea. Many boosting companies, which have become a big problem in South Korea, have made immense profits from gamers through a variety of business and advertising, resulting in an imbalance in the game, causing innocent players to experience distress. This naturally kept new players from joining the game, leading to loss on the game companies’ side. However, there was no apparent law that could stop them; only limited punishment could be applied based on the game’s own terms of use, so the boosters continued to make a lot of money.

From now on, those who violate the boosting prohibition law will either be sentenced to jail for 2 or fewer years or be fined approximately $18,000. Many KR players are welcoming this change with open arms; meanwhile, there are also negative reactions, with people skeptical about how effective the law will actually be since most of the boosting companies operate anonymously and in secret. There are also others who question if the law is too much and steps over the boundaries set by the games’ terms of use.


What do you think? Does this seem like an appropriate action taken to help the gaming ecosystem or are such restrictions a step too far in regulating games? Whatever your stance may be, this new law was made with the good intention of creating a healthy esports ecosystem. We sincerely hope that it will have the effect it was intended to so that many players who want to enjoy the game won’t have to suffer anymore.


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