Don’t wait for 5-Star Childs! List of Recommended 3 and 4-star Childs in Destiny Child

Although you start Destiny Child with two to three 5-star characters, it is not easy to compose a team that only consists of 5-star characters. As there are many different features and hundred of Childs, the Childs you have might not be good for certain content.

Getting 5-star Childs is harder than getting 3 or 4-star Childs, so Uncapping 5-star Childs will be even harder. If you Uncap a Child, the Child’s stats and skill tier increases, so an Uncapped 3 or 4-star might be better than a base-level 5-star Child. Also, some 3 or 4-star Childs are still used even when you have enough 5-star Childs.

For beginners, it is important to know which 3-star and 4-star Childs you should keep. Here are some Childs that can make your team a lot more powerful even when you don’t have 5-star Childs.


▲ Use 3-star and 4-star Childs if you don't have enough 5-star Childs.


■ Starting with 3-Star Childs: Keep the three Succubi

3-star Childs are easy to get with the Crystals you receive from leveling up your account. They are easy to Uncap and level up, and takes less gold when leveling up skills. Most of them are not good enough to be in your main team, but can be good placeholders for 4 or 5-star Childs before you get them.

There are very few 3-star Childs you must have or must level up, but there are Childs that can be powerful when leveled up and uncapped. The three Succubi in the main story, Mona, Lisa, and Davi, are the ones you should keep. Mona is a taunt tank. She cannot protect the team like a barrier-type tank, but there aren’t any 3-star barrier tanks so she will be the most viable tank.

Lisa can increase the skill gauge charge rate with her normal skill, and increase damage with her slide skill. She will increase the damage output of the team. Lastly, Davi can attack the entire enemy team with her slide skill, which is a very unique skill. Davi is used often during late game as well because she can level up low level Childs quickly with her slide skill.

Another 3-star Child that is still used a lot during late game is Tiamat. All of Tiamat’s skills decrease enemy’s defense, which is a must-have debuff in the world boss raid. If you got Tiamat during early game, start leveling her up and uncap her for later use.

Legend and Idun are good for story dungeons because they can ignore the enemy’s defense, and Vesta can deal bleed damage. For supporters, Euros can be used throughout different features as she can speed up the battle, and lastly, Morgana and Pompom are good healers.


▲ The three Succubi in the main story, Mona, Lisa, and Davi, are the ones you should keep.
▲ Tiamat is often used in the world boss raid.


■ 4-Star Attacker Childs: Inflict Debuffs or Ignore Defense

4-Star Attacker Childs are either used for inflicting debuffs or helping deal burst damage by ignoring defense. Water type Attackers are the most popular Childs among 4-Star Attacker Childs, and Fenrir is good at dealing bleed damage.

Most Water-type Attacker Childs can inflict a poison debuff, which is a deadly debuff. Recommended Childs are Elysion and Danu, but Danu’s slide skill ignores defense and does not inflict.


Fenrir is a great DoT damage dealer that can inflict bleed. Bleed is a powerful debuff that deals DoT damage throughout the duration of the debuff regardless of the enemy’s defense. It will help you a lot in clearing high level dungeons.

Defense-ignoring damage is for dealing massive damage in short amount of time, whereas the poison debuff is for increasing the overall accumulated damage. Dark type Attackers Artemis and Inanna are the 4-star Childs that can deal burst damage by ignoring defense, and if you don’t have them, Danu can ignore defense as well.

Wood type Attacker Ambrosia, and Dark type Attacker Guillotine and Morrigan have different skill mechanics from other Childs. Their slide skills deal percent damage, rather than fixed damage. Their base damage might be low, but when they receive damage buffs, their damage increases dramatically. They are not particularly strong in regular dungeons, but will become very powerful in world boss raid where your characters fight with many different buffs on. So if you have them, do not extract them for Onyx and start leveling them up for world boss raids.


▲ Poison and Bleed debuffs are good against the enemies who have high DEF as they can inflict DoT.
▲ Skills that ignore DEF can deal burst damage.
▲ With the help of different buffs, Attackers that deal percent damage can deal massive damage.


■ 4-Star Defender Childs: Taunt Tanks and Barriers for specific Attributes

There are some viable taunt tanks and barrier tanks among the 4-star Defenders. El Dorado has the highest DEF among 4-star Defenders, and Old Skull and Lady are good taunt tanks as well. Old Skull can reflect damage, and Lady can provide a barrier for herself.

Barrier tanks are better than taunt tanks in maintaining the total HP of your team, but unfortunately, there are no barrier tanks that can perfectly protect your team. Unlike Dana or Mars, the 5-star Defenders that provide barriers, 4-star barrier tanks can only provide barriers to the Childs that have the same Attribute.

For example, Thoth can only provide barrier for Water-type allies, and Cybele can only provide barrier for Dark type allies. Europe can only provide barrier for Wood type allies, and there are no Light type barrier tanks.

Thoth and Cybele are the ones that you should keep. Thoth and Cybele can provide barriers for the whole team, whereas Europe can provide barriers to only 2 Childs. If you compose a team that consists of only one Attribute, you can protect the whole team with Thoth or Cybele. Thoth should be with Elysion and Danu, and Cybele should be with Artemis and Inanna. However, there are no viable Supporters so Thoth is more recommended than Cybele.


▲ 4-star barrier tanks can only provide barriers to the Childs that have the same Attribute.


■ 4-Star Debuffers: Keep them for World Boss Raids

There are no 4-star Debuffers you need to clear the story dungeons, but there are a few you should keep for World Boss raids. The Childs can decrease the enemy’s ATK and DEF, which helps you a lot during World Boss raids, so level them up for later use.


Freesia can decrease the enemy’s DEF with her normal, slide, and drive skills. She will greatly increase your team’s damage output when you are fighting against enemies with high DEF.

Persephone can decrease the enemy’s Weak Point DEF. Weak Point DEF decrease is different from regular DEF decrease that Freesia inflicts, so if you have both of them in your team you can deal even more damage. Midas, a 5-star Wood type Debuffer, has the same debuff but is more powerful than her, so use Persephone until you get Midas for World Boss raids.

Lastly, Neamhain is a Debuffer that decreases the enemy team’s damage. All of her skills decrease the enemy’s ATK, and her Leader Buff decreases the enemy team’s ATK by 15%. If you want to increase your team’s survivability for high-level stages and World Boss raids, having Neamhain in your team will help you a lot.


▲ Freesia can decrease the enemy’s DEF by certain number.
▲ Use Persephone until you get Midas for World Boss raids.
▲ Having Neamhain in your team will help you a lot with surviving in high level stages.


■ 4-Star Supporters: Many of them can replace 5-star Childs

There are many viable 4-star Supporters. 4-star Supporters can either speed up skill rate, increase critical rate, or heal, and most of them are good enough to replace 5-star Supporters.

Mayahuel and Quirinus are two of the best Supporters for speeding up skill rotation. Mayahuel increases skill gauge charge rate and is one of the best Supporters next to Chang’e. Her slide skill gives a skill gauge charge amount buff to two allies, and her normal skill increases skill charge speed as well. She is also viable in PvP, as her drive skill can inflict Confuse on 2 enemies and heal 3 allies.

Quirinus is not as good as Mayahuel in speeding up skill rotation, but she can increase Agility and ATK. Her slide skill increases skill gauge charge speed, so if you have Chang’e and Quirinus in your team you can increase both skill gauge charge amount and charge speed to boost the team’s overall damage on a great scale. This composition is usually used when you are fighting against a single enemy.

Melpomene is a great Supporter for critical hit rate/damage. She is a Child that can replace Pantheon. Melpomene has the same buff that Pantheon has but the numbers are slightly lower.

For healing, Leda is better than other Healers even though she is categorized as a Supporter, not a Healer. Supporters have faster skill rotation speed compared to Healers, and Leda increases HP regeneration amount, giving the same amount healing that Healers give. If you use Leda with Maat, a 5-star Healer, you can boost the team’s HP regeneration amount greatly. It is highly recommended to keep her.


▲ Mayahuel increases skill gauge charge rate and is one of the best Supporters next to Chang’e.
▲ If you have Chang’e and Quirinus in your team you can boost the team’s overall damage on a great scale.
▲ Melpomene is a Child that can replace Pantheon.
▲ Leda is better than other Healers even though she is categorized as a Supporter.


■ 4-Star Healers: Not as good as Leda but still viable

Lastly, 4-star Healers are not that popular compared to other 4-star Childs. Leda is better than all of the 4-star Healers, so there is no reason to use 4-star Healers that are slower than Leda.

However, there are a few viable Healers if you don’t have Leda or 5-star Healers like Maat or Syrinx. Pomona, Selene, and Merlin are all viable Healers.


Pomona has the highest heal amount among 4-star Healers. All three of her skills can heal allies, and her slide skill is especially good at saving the team when your Childs have very low HP as it has both instant heal and HP regeneration. She can be used for raids and World Boss battles.


Selene has skill mechanics that are similar to Pomona’s. Her slide skill has both instant heal and HP regeneration, and her drive skill heals 3 allies by regenerating their HP. The skill will regenerate even more HP if the Child has an abnormal status.

Lastly, Merlin’s slide skill can instantly heal allies and regenerate HP like Pomona and Selene do, but can also deal damage to enemies at the same time. His normal skill decreases enemy’s healing amount, so he will work better in PvP. However, 4-star Childs have lower stats compared to 5-star Childs and Healers are usually not as frequently used as other types of Childs.


▲ 4-star Healers are not that popular compared to other 4-star Childs, since Leda is better than all of them.

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  • 0

    level 1 Jonny_Ace


    well the argument, that 5* childs are hard to get, is complete bogus... i am playing this game since 1.5 weeks and haent spend any money on it (with an average playtime of ±2 h per day) and i got a full 5* team at my disposal... all in all i got 6x5* and a buddy of mine (same playtime) has even 8 or 9 5* childs...

    thatnks to the dailies and so on i am able to do a 10x summon for crystals each day... sometimes even 2 times...

    so noone but those with the worst RNG luck listen to this guide... if lady luck doesnt hate ur guts you will have 5* childs faster than you being able to make a 4* team viable...

    • 0

      level 1 HikariAi


      Yeh right now. You realize this is from when the Global game was released right, like 5 months ago. But even right now you aren't guaranteed to have every good 5* Child. You can have 6, but unless those 6 are like Dana, Eve, Chang'e, Maat and +1 you'll need to put 4* Child to fill certain roles.

    • 0

      level 1 Cherreh_Owo

      @Jonny_Ace i have been playing since release, i do have some five stars but tbh, i like my team even without it being fully 5 star (all are 6 stars right now) i have 2 4*  supporters (mayahuel and quirinus), 1 4* healer(merlin), Davi as the attacker and 1 5* (moa) as a debuffer, quirinus is a place holder but still
    • 0

      level 1 On0mo


      Agree with this because I started playing like a week ago and until now I’ve already got some good 5 stars like Eve, Chang’e, Dana and Syrinx so I think tbh 5 star childs are so easy to get in global...

  • 0

    level 1 Cherreh_Owo

    how dare you misgender the trap -w-, my beautiful boy is not a SHE

  • 0

    level 1 CRyo_Iceeicee

    Its not hard to get 5* nowdays, however i do agree that you shouldnt ignore 4* since you can max uncap them pretty quickly and they can become a lot stronger then 5*+1/+2.

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