[All-Star 2018] The Results for the 2nd Round of 1vs1 Tournament: Faker Wins Against Jiizuké


The Nexus Blitz was followed by the 2nd round for 1vs1 Tournament in All-Star 2018 Las Vegas. The round began with the match between KR Faker and EU Jiizuké; Faker picked Urgot while Jiizuké picked Jayce. Jiizuké’s Jayce closed on Urgot, using Exhaust first. However, Faker’s Urgot fought back, using both Exhaust and Ignite. Jiizuké’s Barrier could not save him from the damage and was killed eventually.

The next match was between LPL Rookie and LAN Seiya. Rookie picked Akali while Seiya picked Cho’Gath. Seiya’s Cho’Gath seemed to fall behind in the total gold at first although he managed to land few skills on Akali, chipping away her health. However, it was Akali who survived the fight after both used Ignite on each other; Akali used her Flash to go after the escaping Cho’Gath, bringing victory to Rookie.

The 3rd match was between LMS Maple and LPL mlxg. This time it was a mirror Aatrox; both had mirror Runes and Summoner Spells as well. They seemed even, both landing their Qs on each other. However, Maple took the Health Relic on his side while mlxg didn’t, and this put Maple in advantage when both traded. Lower on health, mlxg was forced to use his Flash when Maple used Ignite on him. Maple had taken over 50 minions by the time another fight took place, although Maple barely escaped with so little health. The match was going intense until the last fight, where mlxg was forced to recall with little health left. While mlxg was recalling, Maple seized the chance to destroy the enemy turret, defeating mlxg.  

The 4th match was between IP Evi and KR Peanut. Peanut chose to play Draven while Evi Picked Tahm Kench. Evi closed on Draven, using his Exhaust, although Peanut used his Cleanse right away. Tahm Kench swallowed Draven and spat him out towards his side, forcing Draven to use his Flash. Draven failed to get away when Tahm Kench had managed to fully stack his passive ability; with the stun, Peanut’s Draven was eliminated by Evi’s Tahm Kench.


The 5th match took place between OCE Pabu and NA Doublelift. This time, it was another mirror game, both players picking Olaf. As for the Runes, both players chose Precision as their Primary Path, although Doublelift chose Inspiration and Pabu Sorcery as their Secondaries. Pabu closed on Doublelift first, landing his axe on Doublelift and forcing him to Flash. But Doublelift also threw an axe in Pabu’s way, which also made him use his own Flash. Later during a fight, Doublelift was hitting the enemy turret when Pabu landed his axe on him while using Ignite. Doublelift hit Pabu back once but he was too close to the enemy turret; the red team’s turret landed a blow on Pabu’s Olaf, finishing him off.

The 6th match was between KR Bang and OCE Triple. This was another mirror game with both players picking Zed. Both players had the same runes, same Summoner Spells. It was a game where whoever landed more Shurikens at their enemy would win. Bang hit Triple with his Q, closing on him using his Shadow; Triple used his ult first on Bang with his Ignite, but Bang paid back with his own ult and Ignite. Eventually, Triple’s Zed was eliminated by Bang’s Zed.

The 7th match was between EU Caps and VN Zeros. Caps picked Aatrox while Zeros picked Viktor. At first, Caps got himself an advantage in the game when he landed his skills on Viktor, damaging him greatly. Zeros harrassed him back with his long skill range, although he was caught by surprise when Caps jumped on him from the brush, using his skills with Ignite. Zeros’ Viktor was helplessly killed by Caps’ Aatrox.

In the last match, LPL Uzi played against CIS Diamondprox. Diamondprox picked Urgot while Uzi picked Orianna. Uzi’s Orianna was ahead in the total golds, forcing Urgot to stay away with her long skill range. Urgot took damage when Orianna used her ult first and was forced to recall. In later fight, Orianna landed her ult on Urgot, to which Urgot used his Flash towards her to use his W and Ignite. However, Orianna chased back Urgot and landed her Qs on him while using E to protect herself, managing to kill him.


▶ 1vs1 Tournament Results

Match 1 Faker (W) vs Jiizuké (L)

Match 2 Rookie (W) vs Seiya (L)

Match 3 Maple (W) vs mlxg (L)

Match 4 Evi (W) vs Peanut (L)

Match 5 Pabu (W) vs Doublelift (L)

Match 6 Bang (W) vs Triple (L)

Match 7 Caps (W) vs Zeros (L)

Match 8 Uzi (W) vs Diamondprox (L)

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