[All-Star 2018] The Results for the 1st Round of 1vs1 Tournament: Doublelift Defeats brTT


The 1st round for 1vs1 Tournament in All-Star 2018 Las Vegas took place on December 7th. The tournament began with NA Doublelift and BR brTT; Doublelift picked Neeko and brTT Miss Fortune as they both had most of the AD Carry champions banned. Doublelift’s Neeko defeats brTT’s Miss Fortune using his R + Q.

The following match was between LPL Rookie and LAS Plugo; Plugo picked Jayce while Rookie picked Yasuo. Both players had Ignite, which Rookie uses with his Flash to kill Plugo in the end.

The 3rd match was between KR Peanut and BR Rakin. This time, it was a Draven mirror with the mirror Runes and spells; they even had the same skin on. The game began with careful CS farming at first although Peanut managed to push the wave with few hits landing on Rakin. After a bit of trading, it seemed that both Peanut and Rakin seemed even. However, Peanut managed to use his Ignite while using Flash to Relic to survive, killing Rakin’s Draven.

The 4th match was between IP Ceros and EU Caps. Ceros played Vel’Koz while Caps picked Neeko; Caps’ Neeko managed to land few skills on Vel’Koz, forcing him to use his Heal and Barrier. In the end, Caps killed Ceros, using his Flash and skills.


The 5th match took place between LAS Tierwulf and OCE Pabu. Tierwulf picked Tahm Kench and Pabu LeBlanc. LeBlanc rooted Tahm Kench and used her Ignite, although Tierwulf managed to get away with his Flash. Low on his health, Tierwulf had no choice but recall; he was harassed by Pabu’s LeBlanc for the rest of the game, during which he had to recall several times. In the end, Pabu’s LeBlanc managed to kill him after he rooted Tahm Kench.

The next match was between OCE Triple and LMS Westdoor. Triple played Caitlyn while Westdoor Pantheon. Triple landed few auto attacks on Westdoor’s Pantheon during the game; it was a close call when Pantheon stunned Caitlyn and used his Ignite but she managed to get away with her Barrier and E. Westdoor went for dive, going after Caitlyn past the first turret, although Caitlyn's R and the blue minions nearly killed Pantheon. It seemed as if Pantheon could survive, but Triple won when he got the 100th minion before Westdoor's Pantheon could recall.

The 7th match took place between IP Evi and TR Dumbledodge. Evi picked Akali and Dumbledoge Pyke. Evi’s Akali hard pushed the waves at first although Dumbledodge eventually managed to harass Akali back. However, the tide did not turn and Akali killed off Dumbledoge’s Pyke with her Ignite.

The last match was between NA Licorice and LPL mlxg. It was a mirror Zed, mirror Runes, and mirror Summoner Spells. The trade seemed even at first, although mlxg gradually pushed the waves to the enemy turret. In the end, mlxg Flashed towards Licorice, landing his skills and Ignite to kill Licorice.



▶ 1vs1 Tournament Results

Match 1 Doublelift (W) vs brTT (L)

Match 2 Rookie (W) vs Plugo (L)

Match 3 Peanut (W) vs Rakin (L)

Match 4 Caps (W) vs Ceros (L)

Match 5 Pabu (W) vs Tierwulf (L)

Match 6 Triple (W) vs Westdoor (L)

Match 7 Evi (W) vs Dumbledodge (L)

Match 8 mlxg (W) vs Licorice (L)

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