[All-Star 2018] Doubleboy Wins against Captain Faker in Charity 2vs2 Tournament


The 2nd round for the 2vs2 Charity Tournament in All-Star 2018 Las Vegas took place on 7th. The Captian Jack & Faker duo who have made it from the quarterfinals played against the NA Doublelift and Voyboy duo. Both teams mirrored Thresh and Alistar, in which the Doubleboy team wins and gets to donate $100,000 to charity under their names.

The first match in the quarterfinals began with Captain Jack & Faker against LEC’s Caps & Alexelcapo. Captain Faker, which have displayed impressive performance in the 1st round, got both Lucian and Alistar banned and got to pick Varus and Xerath.

AlexelCapso’s Lissandra and Morgana got to get the first blood. They were able to eliminate Faker with their CC combo when he didn’t have his Cleanse. However, Captain Jack’s Varus was able to make up for that 1 kill by calmly blocking enemy’s additional attacks. The team that got to laugh at the end was Captain FAker. They made it to the semifinals by getting 1 kill by rooting their enemies and pouring Xerath’ ults.

In the following match, QTV and Zeros from Vietnam defeated LMS NL & Maple. LMS got the first blood but it was Vietnam that took the victory. NL-Maple’s Fiddlestick and Urgot made a reckless dive but were killed when they were hit by the enemy turret, letting Vietnam win.

The next winner was LCS NA’s Voyboy & Doublelift against Diamondprox & Flashndnight; they won with a gap in the total golds. The LCS NA’s victory continued -- Shiphtur & Licorice defeated Lyx & Rookie who were lane pushing with the one-shot comp, Leona and Darius.

In the first match of the semifinals, Captain Faker defeated QTZ and made it to the finals. They have shown a wonderful sync where they would take the damage in place for each other when ally health was low. The last team to make it to the finals was Doubleboy; they had a mirrored game with Pyke & Blitzcrank, where they pushed hard with their ults. Doubleboy won with Doublelift’s Blitzcrank hooking their enemy dead and destroying enemy turrets.

Faker’s Alistar made another appearance in the finals. Both teams agreed upon playing a mirrored fight with Alistar & Thresh before the game started. The game began with Captain Faker taking all golds from enemy’s big minion waves, although it was Doubleboy that won. Doublelift’s Alistar pushed Faker’s Alistar towards their turret, killing him; the most impressive moment was when he used his Flash to take the 2nd Health Relic before Captain Jack’s Thresh could. During their post-match interview, Doublelift and Voyboy shared the reason they chose a Thresh & Alistar mirror.


Doublelift: "They asked in chat if we wanted to do a Thresh & Ali mirror, and I'm going to just say, 'my boy is just too scared.’”

Voyboy: "I didn't want Doublelift down, I wasn't too confident with my Thresh but I played with him a few times, and I was like, 'ah let's see what happens.'"

Doublelift: "This guy, I mean boy wonder, I knew he had it, so in the last minute, I was like, 'Dude, come on, we can't just try hard in the finals. We got to do something fun for the fans!', so I ran over to Faker and told him, 'Yeah, let's do it'. And the kid wonder crushed it!”


■ 2018 All-Star Las Vegas Day 2 2vs2 Tournament Results


Match 1 Captain Jack & Faker (W) vs Caps & Alexelcapo (L)

Match 2 QTV & Zeros (W) vs NL & Maple (L)

Match 3 Voyboy & Doublelift (W) vs Diamondprox & Flashndnight (L)

Match 4 Shipthur & Licorice (W) vs Rookie & LYX (L)


Match 1 Captain Jack & Faker (W) vs QTV  & Zeros (L)

Match 2 Voyboy & Doublelift (W) vs Shipthur & Licorice (L)


Voyboy & Doublelift (W) vs Captain Jack & Faker (L)

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