"Hyped" from Team Liquid wins first WePlay! Artifact tournament

WePlay! Artifact tournament fantastic results

The first WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad tournament is concluded. Over 3 million user reach, 32 players, 6 days, 8 groups, 3 final stages and only 1 winner.

On November 28 Valve released its Dota 2 card game Artifact and the next day pro gamers got the chance to test their skills and show the real strength to win in a new Trade Card Game thanks to WePlay! esports Newmedia Group.

WePlay! organized the world's first after official game release and one-of-a-kind Artifact tournament from November 29 till December 4 in Kyiv, Ukraine. The event brought together the most talented minds of CCGs — the famous pros from Hearthstone, Magic the Gathering and Gwent. The viewers were given a unique opportunity to learn the current meta as well as the best moves and tricks via streams on weplay.tv, Twitch channel and Steam TV.

The tournament results turned out to be much bigger event than initially expected. Originally the Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength organizers anticipated about 1 million unique viewers for the entire tournament, however, it has exceeded 1.1 million unique viewers during the first day. In total result, it is over 3 million user in reach and enthusiastic feedback from players, talents and audience. This gives us assurance in the success of both future events of the WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triade series, which are going to be held at the beginning of 2019

The tournament was casted by stellar people from esport world — Darick "CHARM3R" Oswalt, Shannon "SUNSfan" Scotten, Sean “Swim” Huguenard, Miguel "Mogwai" Guerrero and David “Impetuous Panda” Nolskog. And based on their personal feedback and Twitter pages, all of them enjoyed the authenticity of Kyiv and were impressed of how WePlay! organized the event, how it went smoothly, and how intense and how dynamic Artifact can be.

Also, WePlay! tournament receives positive feedback from viewers across the globe. According to the comments of users, the game is on its way to greatness, the cast is legendary and the production level is over the roof.


Group stages

Group A: An American player StrifeCro pulled ahead in group A. He literally dominated the others by demonstrating brilliant tactics and assembling his deck of cards perfectly. In the playoffs he joined a German player Lifecoach who conquered GameKing: the two bouts ended up with overall score of 4:1.

Group B: A German player Xixo and the Czech player LuckBox went to the playoffs. A Russian player Pavel who had previously won the Hearthstone championship in 2017 was expected to win the group stage. He managed to show good results, however, his experience was not enough to move forward.

Group C: A Ukrainian player DrHippi advanced to the playoffs out of the group C. He successfully won the bouts but lost the battle to a Chinese player MieGod. The latter became the second contender for the victory and consequently moved to playoff thanks to his aggressive style of play.

Group D: The stage came to an end with another German player Mryagut getting to the playoff round having outplayed Reynad. Interestingly, Reynad is the first professional player to lose the bout due to running out of time. Mryagut was subsequently joined by a Danish player Hoej, who also went to playoff.

Group E: A German player SuperJJ conquered MELO and consequently reserved a slot in the playoff. An American player Lumi won two bouts, leaving PMayne and MELO behind and securing the second spot.

Group F: At the beginning HotMEOWTH lost to Fr0zen, but managed to rehabilitate himself. He won a landslide victory over Honey, and further on he managed to conquer Ekop in two rounds and get out of the group stage.

Group G: An American player Hyped defeated a Chinese esportwoman MissQingQing886 who took risks quite frequently but did not manage to beat the opponent. Later on, she rehabilitated herself and moved to the playoffs. So did Hyped.

Group H: A Kazakh player Naiman lost his first game to dpmlicious, but subsequently received a chance to proceed to playoffs by defeating WifeCoach. The rematch between dpmlicious and Naiman resulted with the latter winning the game. Dog won two matches and also qualified for the playoffs.


The playoff stage and finals

Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength’ playoff round excluded all the representatives of CIS region. Naiman unexpectedly lost to Hoej, and DrHippi was outplayed by Hyped. George "Hyped" Maganzini came into the tournament as a heavy favorite and proved his status by his performance, though his semifinal didn’t go smoothly. In the first game of the finals Hoej stood his ground and was very close to defeating Hyped but gave in in the third game, thus making Hyped the winner of WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad: Strength. Heoj took the second place, while the 3-4th place was split by MieGod and LuckBox.

The game has finished, but the tournament organizers assure the fans that this is not the end — WePlay! Artifact Mighty Triad will be back in January, this time with open qualifiers.


"We are extremely happy and inspired by the way the Artifact tournament took place. For us, the excitement and the enthusiastic reviews of the players and viewers are the most valuable thing. I have received tons of messages from the players about how impressed they were by the tournament, its format, its flawless organization. I also received messages from Valve reps about how they liked the tournament. They even wrote twitter posts about us. The viewers were also impressed by production, quality of the studio, the mood and liveliness of the casters, who really did a great job. All of this reflects the overall success of Artifact tournament. And now WePlay! has another challenge to grow the level of the next tournament any many other tournaments. What is more important, it is our duty to ensure the best quality possible", — as stated by Eugene “GreenGT” Luchianenco, WePlay!’s Head of esports.


Artifact is an immersive and visually stunning collectible card game unlike any other. It is a fine combo of deeply strategic, competitive gameplay and the rich setting of Dota 2. Being a collaboration between the legendary game designer Richard Garfield and Valve, Artifact is created to provide CCG enthusiasts with the deepest gameplay and highest fidelity experience in the history of fantasy card games. Artifact shipping set contains more than 280 cards, and the players can buy and sell cards on Steam Community Marketplace.

WePlay! eSports Newmedia Group is a global distributor of esports, gaming, and derivative content via its own platform and Twitch. Later in 2019, the company will engage the community with its own service ecosystem consisting of the tournament module, the academy, user gamification, as well as purchasing and owning digital assets in the blockchain. Aiming for the first place in bookmarks list of every esports fan worldwide, WePlay! has successfully organized and held over 6000 online tournaments and LAN finals and plans to continue creating tournament content to educate and entertain esports viewers.


This article text was lifted verbatim from a press release sent to Inven Global.

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