[All-Stars] SKT T1 Faker Describes his Feelings on Las Vegas, Captain Jack, and meeting Bang


The time where you can ask your favorite questions to pro players! Today's main star is a player who is participating in the 2018 All-Stars, SKT T1 Faker.

Never missing out on the chance to join in on the annual event, Faker has come back again this year to greet his fans! Just like last year, we were able to meet Faker at the All-Stars event. However, this time in Las Vegas. Participating in the 2v2 and 1v1 events, Faker has said 'I am glad my performance was as good as the entertainment itself.' As always, it was a pleasant experience meeting the superstar. Let's check out the interview!


The first day of All-Stars is over. The fans were crazy on the stage. How did it feel to play on the main stage?

It was an experience like no other to see my international fans again. I am satisfied that my performance was good today.

It has been a long time since you had played with the infamous solo q monster, Captain Jack. How did it feel to play the 2v2 with him?

Captain Jack played today with the caliber of when he had debuted as a pro. This is why we did so well today. It was also fun that I was able to try out Alistar.

I guess you can now be confident to say that you are good on Alistar.

The image of my Alistar is...everyone is already hyping it up...my Alistar has no issue (laughs).

This is your first time in Las Vegas. Before the games, we saw you roam around the venue with other players. What was most impressionable about Las Vegas?

In Korea at night, all the stores would usually close and people would be scarce. Las Vegas never sleeps. The night time was beautiful to look at. This was probably the most impressionable factor for me.

There is a meme that Faker only takes pictures with cardboard cutouts, alongside a 'thumbs up ' pose. What is the reasoning behind this?

Since the 'thumbs up' pose is the safest pose to go, I always do it. I have many 'thumbs up' poses. Left-hand thumbs up, right-hand thumbs up, low thumbs up, and high thumbs up. You can look at my poses later and decipher which one is which.

There is a culture in SKT where players who are born in 1995-1996 to speak comfortably with each other. With Khan coming into SKT, he is one year older than you. Do you speak comfortably with Khan?

Because Khan and Untara already speak comfortably with each other, I had no choice but to do the same. Since it is easier to communicate in game with non-formal language, I think this is why the whole 'speak comfortably' culture was created.

In this All-Stars, there are a lot of highly rated mid laners such as Rookie, Caps, Jiizuke, etc. Did you have a chance to talk to them?

I only had the chance to briefly introduce myself. I took pictures with them...as well.

This may be a sensitive topic, but you met with Bang. A close teammate of yours who is leaving SKT. Could you say a few words to your former teammate, Bang?

The next time we meet...I'll wipe you out.

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