[All-Star 2018] NA Wins against EU, Doublelift’s Outstanding Play Saves All


The All-Star Rivalry Show Match between the NA LCS and EU LCS took place in Las Vegas on December 6th.

It was a match where pros and streamers got together to compete. Sneaky, who played in the mid lane, stood out even from the early laning phase. He displayed aggressive plays with his LeBlanc and got 3 kills before 10 minutes had passed. Licorice, who had played accordingly to his original role, picked Lucian and comfortably pressured the lane against Wickd.

It seemed as if NA had the most momentum at first, but the tide turned during the mid phase. EU Jiizuké’s Cassiopeia got a solo kill against Sneaky and eliminated the enemy jungler who came to back up. Simultaneously, Caps and NoWay got kills against Doublelift and Imaqtpie in the bot lane.

From that point, the game got much more intense. Jiizuké kept his dominance over the mid lane and got another solo kill, but then the NA team kept up through several skirmishes that took place afterward. There was not much of a gap between two teams’ total gold at the 20-minute mark.


It seemed like the balance of the battle had reached a tipping point when the EU team used a Jax split push as bait so that they could take Baron. However, Jax fell and the NA team quickly came to contest their claim on Baron. Although NA had better scaling, they could not easily take down Jiizuké, and the fight ended in a draw.

At 33 minutes, NA made a quick Baron call, and after claiming the buff, won the fight team right after. Having scaled into a powerful threat, Doublelift’s Ezreal stood at the frontline and poured heavy damage on his enemies. Due to Doublelift’s outstanding performance, NA was finally able to destroy the enemy Nexus and claim victory.

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