The Reason Why Spirit Decided To Stay on Afreeca Freecs

Afreeca Freecs Spirit first debuted in 2013 and is now a League veteran with 6 years of experience.

Witnessing the era of MVP and Samsung, Spirit was undisputed when it came to his ambition to win it all after his return from overseas. This was the reason why winning World was clear and made perfect sense to Spirit. 

Within the first 3 years of its creation, Afreeca Freecs was able to win 2nd place in the LCK. They even achieved the incredible feat of qualifying for the quarterfinals of the World Championships. It is a feat that should not be overlooked. However, putting Spirit's skills and ambitions aside, the performance was, nevertheless, a failure. 

Despite all this, Spirit has decided to stick with Afreeca for 2019. What could be the reason? The reason is much more simple than one might think. "Even though we did make it to the quarterfinals, I, personally, have a lot of regret in not being able to go further. Thinking back to 2014, we got eliminated in the semifinals. Because I have not yet been able to achieve my ultimate goal of winning Worlds, my drive burns ever so brighter. I am still thirsty for that dream.

The reason why I decided to remain on Afreeca was because of Coach iloveoov. While all the players strive to win Worlds, there are inevitably times when you want to take it slow or take a break. At times like this, Coach iloveoov shows me the motivation I need to keep pushing forward. He gives me a reason to work hard.

Working with Coach iloveoov, I have gained immense trust in him. I realized that I was not only improving as a player but also as an individual. Been with many teams in the past, I have never seen a coach more passionate and have such a strong desire to win than Coach iloveoov. We match together well.

I had promised my fans I would not disappoint them at Worlds. I will work my hardest to be able to display the best version of myself. I hope you guys can continue to support me."

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