BDO KR Patch Notes Dec 5th - Archer Pre-Creation begins, Imperial Delivery revamped



New Event: Archer Pre-Creation Event
  -  From Dec 5th to Dec 18th
  -  Share your Archer template and share it with others in the official BDO website!

New Event: 2018 Black Desert FESTA quest has been added.
  -  Butler Ethan will be given
  -  The quest “Black Spirit’s Gift (Butler)” will be available for anyone who is above level 52.

New Event: The Aredele Costume and the Children of Kamasylvia
  -  From Dec 5th to Dec 12th
  -  New costumes for the Dark Knight and the Ranger will be on a 25% discount.

New Event: Invitation to BDO
  -  From Dec 5th to Feb 27th
  -  Invite your friends to BDO and receive special rewards!

New Event: Patrigio’s limited offer
  -  From Dec 5th to Dec 19th
  -  Secret Shop will consume 25 Energy

New Event: Special Attendance Rewards for New and Returning Players
  -  From Dec 6th to Feb 27th

New Event: Archer PC Cafe Coupon Event



Fixed the awkward animation when the character sits up from crawling or stands up from a sitting position.



Additional hits will be applied when using Spinning Slash in PvE.

Fixed the issue where the damage of Absolute: Spinning Slash was not displayed in the skill description of Ultimate: Spinning Slash.

Fixed the issue where the graphical effects of Scars of Dusk would remain after getting off the mount during mounted combat.



The Spin damage of Violation has increased.

The downward slash in Violation will hit 4 times instead of 3 times.

The downward slash in Black Spirit: Violation will hit 5 times instead of 4 times.



Fixed the graphical glitch when wearing Robert Boxer Briefs and Kibelius Shoes/Set together.

Fixed the issue where the graphical changes would not be applied when the durability of Kibelius Armor decreases.



After acquiring Leaves Dropping, the Tamer will switch from Shortsword to Celestial Bo Staff when using the skill.

PvE damage of Allround Spinner has increased.

PvE damage of Black Spirit: Allround Spinner has increased.

When crawling, the character will now move smoothly in the direction of the camera.



Fixed the issue where the effects of General Apricot would remain after switching to the mainhand weapon.


[Kunoichi and Ninja]

Brace will recover HP instantly.

Fixed the issue where the graphical effects of Ninjutsu: Shadow Stomp would remain after getting off the mount during mounted combat.


[Witch and Wizard]

Fixed the issue where Teleport would be activated when trying to wall climb while sprinting.

All DP +10 for 10 seconds effect has been added to Teleport.



PvE damage of Voltaic Pulse has increased.

PvE damage of Black Spirit: Voltaic Pulse has increased.

Fixed the issue where the sleeve of Labreve outfit would turn black when the camera is zoomed out after equipping or dying the outfit.



PvE damage of Cataclysm has increased.

PvE damage of Black Spirit: Cataclysm has increased.


[Dark Knight]

Improved the camera perspective so that the accessories can be seen better when dying accessories from the Dye window (J)



Adjusted the number of Black Stones that can be obtained by extracting Enhanced gear.
  -  Weapon: +8 to +11 gear
  -  Armor: +6 to +10 gear
  -  The amount of extracted Black Stones will be equal to or more than the gear’s enhancement level.

Level requirements have been added to Cliff’s Weapon Box.
  -  Cliff’s Main Weapon (+15) Box: Above Level 50
  -  Cliff’s Sub Weapon (+15) Box: Above Level 50
  -  Cliff’s Awakening Weapon (+15) Box: Above Level 56

You can now exchange Peridot Leaf and Peridot Petal with Courser training materials from NPC Shamhain in Stonetail Ranch.
  -  Peridot Leaf x 15 > Swaying Wind Shard
  -  Peridot Leaf x 15 > Rumbling Earth Shard
  -  Peridot Leaf x 7 > Deep Blue Hoof Root
  -  Peridot Petal x 10 > Breezy Conch Seaweed
  -  Peridot Petal x 10 > Spirit Pouch of Ferocious Beast
  -  Peridot Petal x 10 > Rainbow Gem Fruit

Added Stonetail Horse Ranch to the exchange location in the descriptions for Peridot Leaf and Peridot Petal.

When right-clicking the Peridot Leaf and Peridot Petal items, locations for NPC Variel of the Old Wisdom Tree and for NPC Shamhain of the Stonetail Horse Ranch will be shown.

The character will cheer when obtaining Marni’s Research Box.

The character will not cheer when obtaining the following items
  -  Lynch Family Treasure
  -  Epherian Pearl Necklace
  -  Oze's Music Box
  -  Sacred Statue of Asula
  -  Loure's Lost Helmet
  -  Loure's Lost Armor
  -  Loure's Lost Gloves
  -  Loure's Lost Shoes
  -  Treant Spirit's Cheer Necklace
  -  Treant Spirit's Whisper Earring
  -  Treant Spirit's Echo Ring
  -  Treant Spirit's Hope Belt

The following items can now be searched in Crafting Notes.
  -  [Combat] Trina Matchlock
  -  [Combat] Trina Lead Bullet
  -  [Combat] Trina Demolition Axe

Fixed the issue where the Stuffed Feather Wolf Head would not properly take up the right amount of space when installed.

Fixed the incorrect information on how to gain the Heating - Skilled Knowledge written on the item description of Glue.

Fixed the typo in the item description of Caged Owl.



Fanatics have found an ancient book of the knowledge of ancient alchemists.
  -  The book contains hidden records of the alchemists who tried the forbidden alchemy.
  -  According to the hidden records, some alchemists tried to gain endless power by synthesizing Crystals of Corruption, Decay, Immorality, and Dishonesty but failed due to interruptions from other alchemists.
  -  Fanatics are desperate to decode the hidden records and collect the four evil crystals.

Due to rumors about movement of the military forces of Calpheon and Valencia,
the Imperial managers of craft and delivery across all areas are beginning to make additional purchases.
  -  The demand for Imperial Crafting/Imperial Fishing Delivery (Cooking/Alchemy/Fishing) will now reset every 3 hours.
  -  The daily amount that an individual can deliver through the Imperial Crafting Delivery (1/2 of the maximum individual Contribution Points) will remain the same as before.

You can now train and Awaken a Courser through the stable keeper NPC in Grana.

Fixed the issue where the transport ship between Tarif and Epheria did not work properly.

A text that says the skill will only be applied during Node/Conquest war has been added to the following guild skills: Horrors of Battle, Battle Reorganization,Frenzied Fighter, Intimidating Force
Graphical effects of Instant Accel and S: Instant Accel for Arduanatt Nightmare, Dine, and Doom have changed.



Imps have now taken over the area where the Steel Imps used to be near the Balenos River Mouth and Western Guard Camp area.

Fixed the issue where the barrier stones would occasionally not disappear after defeating the World Boss Vell.


[Quest and Knowledge]

Added a quest which tells the story about the conflict of the Archer Luthraghon, Ganelle, and Vedir, who are descendants of goddess Sylvia.These quests include stories related to the Archer’s background. These quests are only available for characters who have completed the “Heart of Kamasylve” quest, which is the final quest for Part 2 of Kamasylvia.
  -  The Watchers of Adùir
  -  Bound in Darkness
  -  Between the Two Worlds
  -  Wind of Change
  -  Warm Energy of Spirit
  -  The Language of the Spirit
  -  Luthraghon Chaser
  -  Eradicate Ahibs
  -  Legacy of Goddess Sylvia
  -  Sylvia Alliance
  -  For the Things Unseen
  -  Green Crystal of Life
  -  Light of Redemption
  -  Goddess Coin

[New/Returning] Defeat Awakened Giath quest will now be obtainable.



Improved the UI for the Arena of Arsha
  -  Fixed the issue where the time limit and level restrictions for the Arena of Arsha settings window was displayed as “...”.
  -  Expanded the button areas to match the text length for the Team Match, Survival, and Individual Battle buttons at the Arena of Arsha settings window.
  -  Removed the empty space at the bottom of the title bar from the following UI for Arena of Arsha: Arena of Arsha, Arena of Arsha Settings, Team Settings, Manage Match Invitation, Set Participant Number, Change Team Name

The size of the Guild Bonus Setting window has been adjusted.

Fixed the awkward alignment of the addresses in the My Residence list.

Fixed the issue where the Quest list would not refresh properly when clicking on the Quest widget.

The size of the Black Stone Extraction window has decreased.

Fixed the issue where gear effect descriptions were displayed even when you put your mouse over other places.

Fixed the issue where the figures would be misplaced in the Investment Bank UI.

Fixed the issue where Guild War would end immediately without a notification window when retracting the Guild War.

Fixed the issue where buttons for the Wharf menu would move when maximizing and minimizing the game screen.

Fixed the issue where a Black Spirit quest message would be displayed when a coupon was added to the coupon book.


[Gameworld, NPC, and Graphics]

The following NPC’s will now have dialogue buttons related to finding the NPCs for Gear Cleansing.
  -  Tranan Underfoe
  -  Ronatz
  -  Grandus
  -  Kanobas
  -  Dobart
  -  Hughol
  -  Mevo Muranan
  -  Elfa
  -  Dikzipo

Wild horses near Alumn Rock Valley have found a new home near the riverbank.

Fixed the issue where game connection would be lost when selecting an item in the Pearl Shop.



A notification message will be displayed when an item is sold at the Marketplace.

Fixed the issue where the character would switch to main weapon when you click on the armor slot while in awakening stance.

Fixed the issue where game connection would be lost in Arena of Arsha.

Fixed the issue where ships could not move due to other ships on the way.

Ships will only move on the ocean or on the river.

When launching the game, the checkbox for “run game automatically when the patch is complete” will be checked by default in the game launcher.

If you uncheck the box, the option will be turned off when you launch the game next time.

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    level 1 iLoveKuchen

    Nice work Ninja clearly needed the buff!

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    level 1 Nimmeth


    RIP KR Patch translations, not surprised if BDO will get removed from invenglobal,
    but it will take away a fair share of the people visiting the site aswell. as the rest of the news posted here is, well. not worth using time on tbh.

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      level 24 Yullie



      KR Patch notes translations could not be posted last week because I couldn't work on the translations due to an urgent issue within the company :( The patch notes will be posted as usual starting from this week again! I will give a prior notice from now on if the patch notes cannot be posted on time. Thanks :)

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