[Cartoon] Expectations for the Upcoming 2018 All-Star: Is it About Having Fun, or is it About Fierce Competition?


Today’s editorial cartoon is about the 2018 LoL All-Star event just around the corner.

The last international LoL event for this year, the 2018 All-Star, will start in just 3 days. The All-Stars, which is meant to be a fun event for the fans and players, has sometimes been accompanied by worries as well. The general concept changed gradually over the years, to the point where it has seemingly lost its original identity. Sometimes the competition turned too fierce and led to stress for the players and fans. Once again, they made changes by reducing the number of player participants and making streamers fill in. This also has led to some fans questioning exactly what the event wants to be.

However, with the specific timeline being announced and seeing the players getting ready to participate for diverse events, fans seem more excited than before. This All-Star will be a mixture of fun events such as the 1vs1 tournament, Tandem, U.R.F., and competitive matchups such as the Regional Rivalry Match. Also, other than the official events, there will be some extra spice added to it; player cosplays, Faker playing Alistar, and moreover, watching former pros and popular streamers playing alongside the players.

So, how will the 2018 All-Star be remembered? It seems unanimous that the most important thing is that it should be a fun and stress-relieving event for the fans and players. The 2018 All-Star will indeed be different. This time, I hope that it will pull away from the reputation of previous years and be remembered as an event that successfully delivered a fun, competitive, and memorable experience.

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