Destiny Child PvE Content Basics - Compose and Progress your Base Deck

There is a ton of PvE and PvP content in Destiny Child. The Episode dungeons, where you can walk through the main story, is the most basic PvE. Some other PvE content is the Event Dungeon where you can get upgrade materials, the Underground where you can get gear, the Ragna Break (Raid), and World Boss. You can also enjoy PvP against other players in the Devil Rumble.


If you are a new player, the dungeons you should focus on are the Episode dungeon, the Event dungeon, and the Underground. Your priority is to play these dungeons constantly to upgrade your Child and make your deck stronger for PvP and powerful boss monsters.


▲ Go through the tutorials and learn PvE basics.


■ Enjoy the Story and Compose your base deck

The Episode dungeon is the first battle you can experience through the tutorials. You can learn the basics of combat as well as the setting of the story, centered around how the protagonist ends up entering the battle for the demon king and fights against other demons. You can also level up your Childs, collect the materials to unlock the Awakening stories, and obtain early game gear in the Episode dungeon.

The early stages in the Episode dungeon are easy, so you can quickly collect gold and materials. If you complete certain stages, you can obtain some valuable rewards as well.

However, the Episode dungeon becomes dramatically harder past a certain episode. If you go to the Hard Mode without a well-composed team, you will die a lot. The time will come when you cannot go any further, and you will have to repeat the lower level dungeons to make your deck stronger.

Bringing a friend will make you clear the dungeon faster. A friend’s Child will substitute in if you have an empty space in your deck and will fight as part of your team. A friend’s Child also gives an additional Leader buff, making the battle a lot easier.


▲ You can learn the basics of combat as well as the setting of the story.
▲ Special rewards will be given when you clear certain stages.
▲ Bringing a friend will make you clear the dungeon faster.


■ Collect the materials in the Event Dungeon

As you play the game, you will eventually be unable to advance in the Episode dungeon. Besides leveling up your Childs in lower level episodes, there is one more thing you have to do: collect materials in the Event dungeon.

The Event dungeon changes every day of the week and each dungeon gives either materials, exp, or gold. There are limits on how many times you can enter the Event dungeon, so try not to miss them because the dungeons are highly rewarding. In the Materials dungeon, you can obtain the gems needed to evolve your Childs. The amount of required gems increases as the Child’s grade increases, so play the dungeon every day and accumulate as many gems as possible.


1-star gems drop in Level 1 Material dungeon, and 3 to 5-star gems drop in the Level 5 Material dungeon. You can combine lower grade gems to create a higher grade gem, but you cannot go the other way around. Know which gems you need before going to the dungeon and select the dungeon level that gives the gems that you need.


In the EXP dungeon, you can obtain EXP Childs. The EXP Childs cannot participate in battle, but give more exp than normal Childs if used as level up materials. EXP Childs with more stars give more exp, and you can obtain higher grade EXP Childs in higher level EXP dungeons.

Lastly, the Gold dungeon gives a whole lot of gold at once. You will see a roulette in the rewards screen after completing the Gold dungeon, and the amount of gold increases depending on the percentage on the roulette. You can obtain 100% to 200% rewards, which is based on the gold that you obtain by completing normal dungeon multiple times. The base amount will be higher if you clear a higher level gold dungeon.

For Gold and EXP dungeons, go to the highest level you can complete, because the more gold/exp you get, the better. For Materials and EXP dungeons, the Attribute of the dungeon changes every day of the week but all monsters in the same dungeon have the same Attribute so change the Attiribute of your deck everyday to make the battle easier.


▲ Get the gems you need for Child Evolution.
▲ The Childs that drop from the exp dungeons give a lot of exp when combined with other Childs.
▲ Collect Golds in the gold dungeon everyday.
▲ The Attiribute changes every day of the week, but all monsters in the same Material/EXP dungeons have the same Attribute. 



■ A Child is not complete without gear: the Underground

The Episode dungeon is for leveling up and reading the lore, the Event dungeons are for gold and materials, and the Underground is for farming gear.

In the Underground, you go through a total of 15 battles and get rewards after every three victories. The rewards are items, gold, and stamina, and there are four difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, Hard, and Kiwami). You can select one difficulty level and clear the dungeon once per day.

Only 3-star or higher Childs are usable in the Easy level, and the Child grade limit increases as the difficulty level increases. Only 6-star Childs can go to the Kiwami Underground. The rewards include 4-star or above gear, 5-star Grade B gear (available in Hard), and you have a chance to obtain 5-star Grade A gear in Kiwami level.

One thing you should know about the Underground is that each Child’s HP and Drive gauge will carry on to the next stage. For example, in the Episode dungeon, your Childs’ HP, Drive gauge, etc are reset when you enter the next stage. But in the Underground everything will carry on to the next stage. The same rule applies for the enemies as well. 


So healing and survivability are much more important in the Underground than in the other dungeons. If a Child is damaged too much, you have to switch her out with another Child. If a Child is dead at the moment you finish a stage, you cannot use that Child again on the same day.


The opponents are not easy to defeat, so it is highly recommended that you bring a Child that can inflict debuffs like bleeding, poison, and stun.


Once you begin the battle, you cannot enter the Underground again unless you spend Crystals. At first, there will be times where you cannot go above certain stages, but it is not hard to finish the Hard level if you have met the entrance condition, so keep on trying until you can clear all the stages.


▲ There are four difficulty levels in the Underground.
▲ In the Underground the team's HP, Skill gauge, etc. will carry on to the next stage.
▲ You will get gold, stamina, and onyx as rewards.
▲ You can get special rewards in the Supply Station every three stages.
▲ You will receive gold and gear as rewards.

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