[All-Star] Bang: "I'm confident on the Yasuo mirror match for the 1vs1s."

On the 3rd (KST), Bang and Peanut shared their thoughts on the 2018 LoL All-Star Tandem event. For the Tandem event, 2 players team up by using either the keyboard or mouse.

Bang, who will be participating for his first All-Stars, said, "I've been asked a lot to win the 1vs1 tournament... I'll be preparing for it a lot.". In addition, he said, "I'll be doing a cosplay and will be streaming outside. I hope the fans like it.". 

Bang seemed to be hesitant on whether he'll have fun or he'll put in his best effort for the games.  "I'm confident on the Yasuo mirror match for the 1vs1s. I'll do my best to deliver both, fun and good results for the events.". On the 'most pressuring event', he answered, "We do have an LCK vs LPL Rivalry Match. I'm still not sure whether I have to play seriously in this game or not.". 

Lastly, Bang said in confidence, "I'm participating in the Tandem match with Peanut. Of course, I'll be the one on the mouse. No doubt I should be the one to hold it. Peanut has to just simply click on the skill buttons.". Peanut replied, "To be honest, I should be on the mouse since Bang didn't play a lot of games recently.".

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