Rangchu wins Tekken World Tour with low-tier character: Panda

The Grand Finals match everyone expected was Knee vs. Qudans.  Knee was Rank #1 on the World Tour Standings and Qudans was champion of the 2017 Tekken World Tour.  But instead, it was Rangchu who would make an incredible comeback with Panda through the Losers' Bracket, get the reset, and take the Grand Finals victory.

Rangchu struggled at first, since his first meeting vs. Knee in Winners Semi-Finals was met with a 0-2 loss as he used Geese and Feng instead of his trademark Panda.

But in the Losers' Bracket, he brought Panda back to beat JeonDDing's Eddy, CHANEL's Eliza and Alisa, getting his revenge against Knee's Devil Jin, and ultimately beating Qudans for the Grand Finals.

Commentators MarkMan and Aris noted that no one has ever won a major Tekken tournament with Panda.  To emphasize how unlikely it is to see Panda in Grand Finals, Aris's own tier list on May 2018 has Panda listed on the bottom 3 for worst characters in Tekken 7.

Even Tekken Producer Katsuhiro Harada expressed a bit of comedic disbelief right before personally awarding Rangchu his championship trophy:


Congratulations to Rangchu, winner of Tekken World Tour 2018!

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