BDO Guide: Sights around Kamasylvia and how to reach the nodes

Author's note

- The following guide was created thanks to our Soojong "cabon" Lee's adventurous mind.
- This guide covers the portion of Kamasylvia region that was updated on December 22nd in Korea.
- Some names and terms may not match with the official NA/EU client.




Black Desert Online's new region, Kamasylvia, features elven woodlands that stretch out to the south of Hexe Sanctuary, from the Valtara Mountains to the Shadewoods Forest. There is no level requirement for Kamasylvia so anyone can enter, but the monsters are quite strong unless you are agile enough to avoid all combat. We recommend that you level up to 58 with decent gear before visiting the new area.

The Ancient Tree of Wisdom is Kamasylvia's only village so far. There are also three major grinding spots: Cottonwood Ruins, Manshaum Forest, and Narvan Prarie. Stories about Ranger and Dark Knight continue to unfold in this region, each character wielding different powers but under the same oath to protect Kamasylvia.


In order to reach Kamasylvia, you should set off from Behr Village and head south through Longleaf Tree Forest. Keep heading south and you will find the Kamasylvia Entrance where baby Gargoyles fly around. Once you have found this node, you can travel southwest to discover the various tour spots around Kamasylvia.


Home to Rangers where the sacred tree Kamasylve is slowly coming back to light, Kamasylvia shows how the daughters of Ganelle have been living in harmony with nature as also explained in BDO's storyline. You can enjoy structures and scenery that are unlike the man-made constructions of Calpheon and Heidel. Rocks and branches are intertwined to form a living environment, and you can have a glance at the elven lifestyle of the present and of a time long passed.


Head southwest from the Ancient Tree of Wisdom and you will find Shadewoods Forest. Follow the road to the north and you will see Narvan Prairie, where you can meet Feather Wolves, Ferinas, Belladonna Elephants, and Gryphons. Ferina and Belladona Elephants populate about half of this broad grassland, while Gryphons are the minority.


Head further north through Narvan Prairie and you can reach Cottonwood Ruins as you pass through Lemoria Central Camp. The Hollow Forest node is on the top of the hill near that area, so you just have to climb higher if you want to link the nodes.

Cottonwood Ruins can be found as you climb towards the footsteps of what seems to be the remains of an ancient civilization. The monsters there include Cottonwoods, Old Cottonwoods, and Spoiled Ruins Ents, all of which are purple tier.

▲ Follow these footsteps to Cottonwood Ruins.

Climb down from Cottonwood Ruins and head east to find Manshaum Forest. You can meet Manshaum Warriors, Manshaum Fighters, Manshaum Shamans, and Manshaum Chief Warriors. You can find the node manager on the top of the hill just like at the Hollow Forest.

To the north of Manshaum Forest you can find the Valtara Mountains. Click on the structure that lies on the top of the mountains that you see on the minimap, and you can reach Bib Foreta Cabin. Follow the road past Bib Foreta and you will pass through the Valtara Mountains node. Keep going further and you will reach a node named “Valtara: Altar of Training.”

▲ Bib Foreta Cabin
▲ Altar of Training
▲ This was found in southern Shadewoods Forest.

These are the new playable areas of Kamasylvia that have been released so far. However, it is said that the current update is only one part of the vast Kamasylvia region, and there is more that has yet to come. The elven building we found at the south of Shadewoods forest seems to tease what is coming next, but we could not reach there yet. We will produce more coverage of Kamasylvia as more content is added in future patches.

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