Lineage: Remastered announced, featuring full HD graphics and autoplay


On November 29th, NCSoft held a press conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of Lineage and introduced their vision and the future direction for the game.


“I would like to thank everyone who loves Lineage.” said the president of NCSoft. “Now the biggest change in 20 years will begin for Lineage.”

Celebrating the game’s 20th anniversary, NCSoft has revealed the 'Lineage Remastered' update. Details and schedules for the update have been revealed by the head of the Lineage Unit Department at NCSoft as well.

Lineage: Remastered will be the biggest update in the history of Lineage; it will upgrade almost every feature in the game including graphics, combat, and grinding. NCSoft will first release the update on the test server in December.

The main components of Lineage: Remastered are a Graphical Remaster which will improve graphics and user interface, the PSS (Play Support System) which will allow for auto-grinding, the M-Player which will allow the players to check their characters from a mobile device, the ninth class (Swordsman), and the World Siege, in which players from different servers fight against each other.

With the Graphical Remaster, Lineage will have full HD graphics with a 1920*1080 resolution. Players can enjoy Lineage with a 4 times increased resolution and 2 times increased framerate. Also, the UI will be revamped with a modern design.


The PSS and the M-player will make the gameplay more convenient. The PSS has a total of 35 functions including moving to different grind spots, grinding, and auto-return. The system will make perfect autoplay available. The M-player is a mobile viewer that allows the users to check their characters in real time. They can check their characters’ stats like HP, MP, and EXP.

The Swordsman, the ninth and the latest class that will be added to Lineage, will use a Longsword as a main-hand weapon and has the highest dps among all the classes. The Swordsman also has a skill that can nullify other classes’ defense skills.

Lastly, the World Siege is the large-scale version of Siege, which is the core content in Lineage. Players from all 8 servers will come together in the World Siege and engage in a massive PvP battle.

The pre-registration for Lineage: Remastered will begin on 14:00, November 29th. Users can participate in the pre-registration event on the official website, and the pre-registered users will receive TJ’s coupon.


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