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Idris caught a lot of attention as a hero that was designed to have different play styles depending on the damage type that he goes for. However, even as Idris became available to purchase with Glory, it has been rare to see him in play, and it is even more rare to find him going for a CP build.

For a hero that was meant to be viable with both CP and WP builds, it is a bit disappointing to see him being played more as a melee hero, with a CP build being dismissed as just “possible” rather than “viable”.

So, instead of writing an article that has builds for Idris, I decided to write why CP Idris doesn't feel very rewarding to play with and feels very incomplete.


▲ Actually, about that “ranged fighting style”...


One reason why CP Idris isn’t good is because it scales too poorly compared to its WP counterpart.

To start off, all three of his active skills scale with WP, while only Chakram scales with CP. Considering how Kestrel has something that scales with both WP and CP for all three of her abillities, it already feels like CP Idris got the shorter end of the stick. Of course, This would have been understandable if his heroic perk had something that offsets the fact that he loses out on scaling Shroudstep and Shimmering Strike...except it doesn't.

His ranged attack deals 50% of WP and 85% of CP as damage and it does not scale with level nor base damage at all. This means that even if Idris rushes Shatterglass to gain the ranged attack with 150 CP, it will deal less raw damage than a melee attack at level 4 with two Weapon Blades.

So, CP Idris does not take advantage of Crystal Ratio as much as other CP heroes. If this was the only problem, it could be solved through a simple balance change that changes some of the numbers. Sadly, This is not the only problem with CP Idris.


▲ To top it all off, Clockwork’s CP amplification is bugged for Idris’s ranged attack.


The other reason why CP Idris isn't good is because CP Idris's kit feels incomplete, and it is not just because Shroudstep and Shimmering Strike do not scale with CP.

For a CP-based hero’s basic attack to be good, just having a basic attack that scales with CP isn’t enough. This is because because no matter how well a basic attack scales with CP, it will only be a matter of time before it is outclassed by a WP-based basic attack, as a CP-based basic attack cannot have any chance for critical hits.

To be viable, it instead needs either an ability you can spam for Aftershock (Taka) or an ability that scales well with attack speed and Alternating Current (Vox). Unfortunately, the only other ability other than basic attacks that scales with CP is Chakram; basic attacks do nothing for Chakram, and Chakram does nothing for basic attacks.

Considering how almost all abilities have synergy when he goes for a WP build, Idris’s CP build leaves a lot to desire in terms of how his abilities interact with each other. If I put it bluntly, it feels like all CP Idris can do are three things: Throw small chakram, throw bigger and piercing chakram, and roll away from fights.


▲ Even AC Celeste can at least stun enemies.


For WP Idris, the hero feels very rewarding to play with due to his mechanical requirements, very high damage ceiling, and satisfying basic attack sound. However, that isn’t the case for his CP build as the skills are not coherent as they are for WP build, and it feels like there are other heroes that can serve the role of CP Carry better than Idris especially with his lack of crowd control.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having only one type of viable build. In fact, when Ringo can build into CP, some restraints might be in order. However, it isn't the case for Idris when he is made to be versatile that can do both WP and CP builds. There should be something that only CP Idris can offer - and it should definitely not be mediocrity.

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