[SKT T1] Unfinished Stories: Bang, Wolf, and Blank -- Last Video Interview Coming on the 29th

Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan, and Kang “Blank” Seon-gu will be saying farewell to the SK Telecom T1 fans through a video interview on the 29th.

As a farewell gift to the fans who have been with Bang, Wolf, Blank, and SKT T1, Inven and SKT T1 collaborated to create a video interview with the three players at LoL Park. There will be two videos: one of the legendary bot duo, Bang and Wolf, and the other of jungler Blank.

Through the interview, the players said what’s left in their minds of what they haven’t been able to say. The world’s oldest bot duo, Bang and Wolf recalled their memories of the previous six years. They spoke of how they joined SKT T1, what they went through while they engraved two stars on the uniform, and how they felt leaving SKT T1. Blank also talked about what they felt wearing the SKT T1 emblem and his determination for the challenges lying in front of him.

The video interviews will be revealed in order; the first video will be of Bang and Wolf, which will be on SKT T1’s official Youtube channel on the 29th of November at 3 o’clock (KST).

▲ Bang (left) and Wolf (right)
▲ Blank

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