[Sources] Damonte to Join Former Teammate, Huni, at Clutch Gaming.


Tanner “Damonte” Damonte is set to sign on with Clutch Gaming, following Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon. Damonte secured a starting spot on Echo Fox this summer after developing in the challenger and Academy scene for a few years. He is among the small pool of native NA mids, one of only two starters in the NA LCS.


Echo Fox finished in 4th place in the 2018 Summer Split, with Damonte playing 12 of those games. They faced TSM in the quarterfinals, failing to advance after losing in game 5. Damonte faced his new org, Clutch, in the Regional Qualifier (AKA The Gauntlet), and defeated them in a quick 3-0 sweep. He then met TSM again for a rematch in the second round, getting knocked out of Worlds contention in another 3-0 series.


When the Damonte signing finalizes, the starting roster will be complete. Sources close to InvenGlobal report Huni is confirmed in the top lane. Following the transfer of Apollo, and Hakuho to Echo Fox, the starting bot lane positions have been confirmed as Clutch Gaming Academy’s 2018 bot duo, Piglet and Vulcan. Clutch will retain their 2018 jungler, Lira, as well. Piglet has recently been approved for NA residency, meaning a team with Huni, Lira, and Piglet does not break import rules.


Check back for updates as the free agency period continues.

(Photos credit: LoLesports Flikr)

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