[Official] Gen.G Esports Acquires Peanut: Now the Highest-Earning LCK Jungler

Photo Credit: Gen.G Esports

Gen.G Esports welcomes a new jungler.

Since the 2018 League of Legends World Championship, Gen.G began analyzing their underperformance at the tournament and looked for ways to strengthen their core. The first player the organization looked at for this venture was Peanut.

Even before Peanut's contract with Kingzone DragonX expired, Gen.G had kept an eye on him. As soon as the FA market opened its doors, GEN went straight into action. Instead of exploring other jungler options, GEN spent all of their resources on Peanut. 

While under negotiation with GEN, Peanut received multiple offers from organizations from other leagues. Some teams even offered a million dollar salary with other various benefits, but Peanut decided to remain in the LCK; as he was impressed with how GEN valued their players. In response, GEN decided to offer Peanut the highest salary for a jungler in the LCK; on the 23rd of November, the contract was signed.

Peanut played for Najin, ROX Tigers, SKT T1, and Kingzone DragonX in the past. He was and still is regarded as one of the LCK's strongest junglers, having won the LCK with every team that he was a starter for each year. Peanut's international achievements are also praiseworthy, as he reached the Worlds semifinals twice, and won the 2017 MSI. 

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    level 4 LuckyGnom


    It feels like KZ disbanding or something. They lost everyone, didn't sign even BDD that they wanted and overall they are quiet at every media.

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      level 6 Genryou


      Cuzz and Rascal are still there, so, if the rules haven't changed, KZ can still keep their LCK spot.

      Given many Korean players from the LPL are free agents, right now and LCK teams are also going after them, KZ still have a lot of options to rebuild their team. KT are in a similar situation as well, KZ is not the only team going through that at this moment.

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