The legacy of a Masterpiece - Half-Life 2 Documentary Trailer Revealed

On November 20th, Noclip, a game documentary production company, revealed their Half-Life Documentary Trailer.

The documentary, produced to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the title, focuses on the influence it has had on the gaming industry. Production began in late October and the documentary covers the game’s influences on the gaming industry rather than its development process. Although the producer attempted to contact Valve in regards to the documentary, the company reportedly declined to comment.

Thus, the documentary mainly covers renowned developers during the heyday of the game, journalists who covered the game at the time, and mod developers. It also looks back at any traces the game has left in the industry through interviews with mod developers of Half-Life.

The name of the project is “Project Mesa”. Noclip had been looking for additional patrons for the project. After the release of the trailer, the producer plans to release the main video.

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