Seoul Dynasty’s Urban Fashion: HYPEBEAST X Seoul Dynasty Collaboration


Seoul Dynasty announced their fashion shoot in collaboration with HYPEBEAST, a fashion and streetwear webzine company. HYPEBEAST published their collaboration shoot with Seoul Dynasty, a pro Overwatch League team, on their official Korean website.

Seoul Dynasty’s Fleta, Ryujehong, Zunba, Tobi, and Fissure had photoshoots on their respective fashion styles with their favorite shoes in their team house, Gen.G’s Seoul HQ, and a few other locations as well. Their photoshoots featured a variety of vivid colors and retro styles.

Gen.G Esports and Seoul Dynasty have been trying a variety of different things; they have even produced music for their team entrance with pH-1, an artist who appeared on the popular Korean TV series, ‘Show Me the Money 777’.

The following are translations of some parts taken from the interview with Seoul Dynasty with HYPEBEAST. To see the full text, visit their website by clicking here (The whole interview is in Korean).


Your team went through a rebuild with different players and coaches. If you were to name the biggest change, what would that be?

Ryujehong: The team’s average age becoming lower? (Laughs) I just think the whole team becoming younger is the biggest change.

Can you introduce the new players in Seoul Dynasty?

Ryujehong: We have Jecse, a support who was formerly a member of Element Mystic, and he’s 20 years old. The next is Marve1, a 19-year-old sub tank, and the 20-year-old Michelle who came from a Chinese Overwatch team, LFZ. As you can see, they are definitely young and we get along well.

Fissure also joined your team from LA Gladiators. What role will he be mainly playing? I heard he is the main shot caller.

Doing dish (Laughs). Actually, it’s more like me trying to adjust to our team for now rather than the team adjusting to me. Anyhow, I will work so that the team can go in a better direction.

Ryujehong: We will be changing to a more aggressive and strategic team with our new players.

What do you think the new season for next year, which will start on February 14th, will be like? Are there any goals you have other than winning?

Our basic goal is to win, although my personal goal is to deliver better performance than I gave in Season 1

We never won against London Spitfire or New York Excelsior in Season 1. So it is my personal hope to more strategically defeat these two teams.

Eight new teams will be joining the League in the new season. Which team piques your interest the most?

Shanghai Dragons, since they completed their team rebuild. They are young and full of different strategies.

I would first pick Shanghai and the team the RunAway members will be joining. This is supposed to be ‘off the record’ but I expect them to be one powerful team.

If you were to each pick a personal rival out of all League players, who would they be?

Fury. He is a sub tank just like me; he is said to be the best and he was part of the South Korean team for OWWC.

There’s no one in particular for me. I think there’s not a whole lot of difference between main supports.

First, I think the players with the same roles in the same team as me are my biggest rivals. Since the sub healer spot for Seoul Dynasty is vacant, I would pick Bdosin from London Spitfire and JJoNak from New York Excelsior if I were to pick players with the same roles from other teams. They do have a lot of strengths I can learn from.

I haven’t really thought about rivals in terms of play prowess. But if I were to pick one, I would say xQc, a Canadian player who was formerly part of Dallas Fuel. Not only does he have great playing capacity, but he’s really great at streaming; I think he is a player I can learn a lot about streaming from (Laughs).


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