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SKT T1 Faker And Wolf Behind The Scenes. Faker: "I only started to first play ranked queue because I couldn't find matches in normal queue anymore."



In the 2018 G-Star, SKT T1 Faker and Wolf participated in an event called “Join KLEVV in the SKT T1 Interview.”

During the event on the 17th, the two SKT players greeted their fans on the event stage. Before the event unfolded, Faker and Wolf made their way onto the Twitch Meet&Greet to reunite with their fans. In order to reward the long waited fans, Faker and Wolf made sure to grace them with welcoming smiles and gave out signatures.

In the first portion of the event, the two players underwent a keyword talk. In this talk, each player had to pick a specific word that first came to mind and share a few anecdotes in the journey from amateur to pro. Faker chose ‘Gojunpa’ (Faker’s old IGN) and ‘Blitzcrank’. During this event, Faker finally confirmed the rumor of “Faker only started to play ranked queue because normal queue took too long to match.” The fans gave an appropriately shocked response.

On the other hand, Wolf chose ‘Hobby’ as his keyword. Wolf responded “These days, I am living life off the pleasure of swiping my card. It is not like I buy expensive things. I swipe my card on food and action figures to add to my collection.” Wolf continued to explain his surprisingly expensive hobby, “The most recent action figure that I bought was 1.2 million won (a thousand and two hundred dollars).” The fans responded in shock.

With the event coming to an end, Wolf concluded by saying “I wore a mask the whole day, and no one recognized me. I am planning to come to G-Star tomorrow and wear a mask. I hope you guys enjoy the ‘Find Wolf!’ mini game.” Afterward, Faker gave his farewell, “I want to sincerely thank all the fans who came all the way here and hear us talk. I hope you guys have a wonderful remainder of G-Star.”


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