SuperPlouk Talks One.PoinT, Balance Changes, Adderall Abuse, and More

Bastien "SuperPlouk" Klau is the Main Tank player for One.PoinT and has previously played for Copenhagen Flames and Eagle Gaming.

Coming off a recent win vs. Shu's Money Crew EU for Contenders EU Season 3, I caught up with SuperPlouk to cover some history with his past teams and what makes his current team different.  I also got his input on upcoming PTR changes for various heroes and got some brief thoughts about Tier 2 Overwatch.


On Horizon vs. Shu's Money Crew EU, your team played 3/0/3 with Winston and Zenyatta and won without any hero swaps.  Is there something specific with this GOATS-comp variation that specifically works with your team?

I don't want to speak too much about the strategic aspect since the competition just started but let's just say it's a viable variation of the classic Reinhardt-centric GOATS-comp.


Horizon Lunar Colony vs SMC EU


Did your team follow Angry Cup for an idea of what to expect for Contenders S3? Any teams that stood out to you?

Yes, we watched for strategy reasons but there was nothing really new, compared to scrims. I'd say Samsung did really great overall, not just as a team, but with their team composition choices, too!


When you were in Copenhagen Flames, most of your team was from Eagle Gaming, who won Contenders EU S2. Are you able to discuss some factors on why Copenhagen was not able to qualify for Contenders?

First of all, the Eagle starter team that won Contenders was me, Lilbow, NiCOgdh, Leaf, Hqrdest, HyP, and GetAmazed. So going into Copenhagen with Flippy (which kind of overlaps hero pool with Hqrdest to begin with), Hayko and Baud meant that we had to learn how to play together all over again and adapt to the meta as well.

Flippy and Hqrdest also had to play characters they may have not played before. Considering the amount of time we had and the level of the T2/T3 scene, it didn't go as good as expected.


Your current team One.PoinT has players from Portugal, Denmark and France. Are there any communication barriers? Who is the shotcaller of the team?

There aren't any communication barriers since we just speak English.  This is one of the part of competitive Overwatch I missed the most, because I really enjoy sharing culture and stuff. 

I'd say we all are shotcallers at the moment. We're still practicing and learning how to play together.


What makes One.PoinT different from Copenhagen and Eagle? Are there new synergy dynamics and/or coaching philosophies?

I'd say the biggest thing is that we don't have players really overlapping hero pools. On top of that, Horthic, Scaler, and Phatt were already in the GOATS "mindset," so that helps a lot. I think we're still not on the same page for everything, but we're soon to be.


"[Brigitte's shield bash nerf] ... could help heroes like Tracer
make a comeback.  Then again, I don't know if it's gonna change
the fact that GOATS is a strong team composition overall."


What are the most important stats for a Reinhardt player? Would you agree with WizardHyoung's: "this player blocks Earthshatter 30% of the time and hits Earthshatter 70% of the time" stat tracking?

I think WizardHyeong's stats are pretty much what you want of a Reinhardt player, but it all depends on the matchup.  In a GOATS-comp, it's all about the team. Although there's still ways to clutch as Reinhardt, so I'd look into the player's clutch ability as well. And I'd look into his judgment, since trying to clutch a teamfight can be nice, but can also be punishing your team if it's not working and tried too often.


Do you have any thoughts about the upcoming PTR Doomfist nerf, and Bastion & McCree buffs

Regarding Doomfist, the nerf to the loss of air control Rising Uppercut causes is actually huge. If you play Winston and get hit with uppercut, the only way to dodge Doomfist's primary fire afterwards is jumping, but since your air control is de-activated, you'll only be able to jump straight in the direction you're facing without being able to strafe mid-air. Air control only comes back once you touched the ground. 

With the upcoming change, having your air control re-activated means that Doomfist may not be able to uppercut people off the map so easily anymore. Since they'll be able to strafe mid-air after the uppercut, Doomfist may need to uppercut, then punch to make sure people go off the map.

Rocket Punch should stay like it is, without the "punch cancel jump." I think Doomfist would lose a lot of his viability. 

As for Seismic Slam, I think the range nerf is nice because it's gonna be harder for Doomfist players to one-shot people without using the punch, which is what I think people mainly care about.

McCree's buff was needed because the barrier between primary fire and Fan the Hammer was very thin. Now that there are heroes like Brigitte that can give lots of armor to everyone, McCree's buff is a nice increase to his kit.

Bastion's update seems like they are nice quality of life changes. The 'reverse-spread' efffect could be strong, but I'd have to see how much the spread is reducing.


How about the PTR changes to Brigitte that recently went live? Will it afffect GOATS comps?

I'd say it's not gonna change much in GOATS vs GOATS fights, since burst damage not only comes from Brigitte but from all of the heroes. Although it could help heroes like Tracer make a comeback.  Then again, I don't know if it's gonna change the fact that GOATS is a strong team composition overall.


There's an issue with teams that qualify for Contenders replacing players as soon as they make it in. Is this common practice in Contenders EU as well? 

It's not right, but I think if you want to fix this, you need to lock the team for a certain period like 2-3 matches before allowing the team to change the roster. Maybe even 2 or 3 matches is too much, I don't know. I can say that such actions are not shocking me that much, though.


Have you seen an issue with performance enhancing drug-use like Adderall in Overwatch? Do you think there's a higher number of pro players with ADHD?

There have been rumors of Tier 1 using it and I don't think that if they're taking Adderall it's because they have ADHD in the first place. It's clear the only reason they'd take it is because they want to perform better.

I wouldn't be able to tell you if it's true, though. I also don't know if EU is using it as well. And while it may be a T1 problem, I don't know if it's an issue in T2. But I know of people who have taken it in the past and don't want to take it again because of side effects like depression. 


What sort of things need to change on Blizzard's end to support T2/T3 Overwatch?

I'd say they should make Tier 2 more appealing to begin with. Money is a good way to achieve that and they should make the regions clash in offline finals, like they did at the end of the Contenders S1.

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