[Sources] Afreeca Freecs Kiin Likely To Stay With The Team... Kuro's Contract Renewal Uncertain.

Afreeca Freecs will be rational and decisive during the contract renewal period. Having his contract up until next year, Kiin is not likely to be departing with the team. Instead, there is a good chance that the other positions on Afreeca will see change. Creating a 10 man roster from the very beginning, Afreeca will be preparing to let some players go due to them developing the other remaining players. In addition to all this, several other teams have reportedly been interested in recruiting coach Ccomet and Zefa from Afreeca Freecs.

While Afreeca is not having trouble with funding, they plan to maintain their team philosophy. In other words, Afreeca Freecs is not planning to allocate a majority of their resources into recruiting players but will expend the necessary amount if needed. The player who is still up in the air in his remaining time on the team is Kuro. Kuro is one of the highest paid players on the team, and his performance at Worlds was a stumbling point.

Despite all this, even if Afreeca decided on letting go Kuro, it is not easy to find an equally talented substitute. Afreeca Freecs sources have said "Afreeca Freecs are contemplating on renewing Kuro’s contract. It is extremely difficult to find a mid laner on par with the level Kuro is on. In addition, since there are not many teams looking for a player like Kuro, it makes our decision even more difficult."

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