New Cooking Mastery System & 2 New Cuisines Added to BDO KR: You Can Now Process More Food at Once!

A new Cooking Mastery system has been added to Black Desert Online KR on November 6th. You can now obtain several cookings by cooking once at a certain rate depending on your Cooking Level or Mastery. Also, if your Cooking Mastery increases, the chance you will get the maximum number of food and quality food will increase as well; your additional bonus will also increase when you are trading Imperial Cuisine Cooking Boxes.

Along with the new Mastery system, new Cooking Clothes that increase your Cooking Mastery have been added; Cooking Clothes come in 3 different grades. Also, 2 new cuisines that increase all Life Skill Mastery have been added.


Cooking Mastery is different from your Cooking Life Skill Level and is influenced by Life Skill-related equipment.

One of the effects you can get from the Cooking Mastery System is getting quantity cooking by a certain chance. Let’s say you have enough ingredients for cooking 10 times. Once this effect activates, you can cook only once to obtain the results worth cooking 10 times, which means that your equipment durability will decrease only by as much as it would decrease for cooking once. Quantity cooking can happen by 100% chance depending on your Cooking Mastery, although this effect will not activate if you are cooking with ingredients less than it needs for cooking 10 times.


It also comes with an effect that increases your chance to obtain better quality food; ‘better quality food’ here refers to food that gives better effects when eaten. For example, there is Cold Draft Beer and Smooth Milk Tea; both give better effects than Beer and Milk Tea does. The chance to obtain better quality food can increase up to 19.3% the maximum depending on your Cooking Mastery.


The chance you can obtain the maximum number of basic food and quality food will also increase. Let’s say you can randomly get 1-4 food by cooking once depending on your Cooking Level; the chance you can obtain 4 food will increase when your Cooking Mastery increases, thus increasing your overall chance to obtain a higher amount of food. The chance for maximum obtainment can be increased up to 61.1% for both basic food and quality food.

Meanwhile, you can get an additional bonus when trading Imperial Cuisine Cooking Box if your Cooking Mastery is high; the additional bonus can go up to 144.9% the maximum.

As mentioned previously, Cooking Clothes for Cooking Mastery have been added as well. They come in 3 different grades: Loggia, Roroju, and Manos. They can be enhanced up to PEN (V), and higher the enhancement level, more your Cooking Mastery will increase.

The green and blue Cooking Clothes can be purchased from the NPC; the green Loggia Cooking Clothes can be bought for a million silver from Camellia Loggia at Loggia Farm, and the blue Roroju Cooking Clothes can be purchased for 10 million silver from Geranoa at Calpheon.



Cooking Clothes Effects



Manos Cook’s Clothes can be obtained through crafting, and the materials you need are Indigo Lapis Lazuli x 15, Daybreak Silk x 15, Manos x 10, and Principle of Cooking x 10. Daybreak Silk can be obtained by grinding Oil of Storms x 50 and Silk x 50. You will need to have the Knowledge for Grinding: Skilled to do so.

Principle of Cooking can be obtained from new repeatable quests. There are a total of 4 new repeatable quests, and they can be completed when you hand in Professional’s Sweet Dinner Set. You can make Professional’s Sweet Dinner Set with Meat Pie x 30, Steak x 20, and Tea With Fine Scent x 30 through Imperial Cuisine Packaging.



Manos Cook’s Clothes Materials



2 new food that can increase all Life Skill Mastery for a certain amount of time has been added as well. Rich Steak can be made if your Cooking Level is over Professional 1 and Cooking Mastery over 250, and Rich-Flavored Cron Meal can be made through Simple Cooking without any conditions as long as you have enough ingredients.

Rich Steak can be made with Lion Meat x 4, Fig x 5, Cooking Wine x 2, and Pepper x 3, and gives you the All Life Skill Mastery + 10 buff for 45 minutes. Rich-Flavored Cron Meal can be made with Balenos Meal x 3, Sute Tea x 3, Rich Steak x 1, and Ancient Cron Spice, and gives you the All Life Skill Mastery + 25, Life Skill EXP +5%, Movement Speed +2 Level, and Max Weight +100LT buffs for 120 minutes.



New Cuisines Ingredients / Effects / Cooking Conditions


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    level 1 Crossing

    You need an infinite amount of alchemy seals for accessories, so makes little sense to do cooking imperial right now.

    Rest of the revamp is nice though.

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    level 2 dmiiceuk

    All cooking recipes in one place :)

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