The Most Anticipated MMORPG: Lost Ark’s Open Beta Begins in Korea



Lost Ark, a blockbuster Hack & Slash MMORPG developed by Smilegate RPG, opened at 2:00 PM on November 7th (KST).

Lost Ark is an online MMORPG on PC that features dynamic battles where players can take on hordes of monsters alone. The game encompasses a vast eastern and western culture-based world which consists of numerous continents and islands, and the Voyage System allows players to explore these places and go on an endless journey with other players. The open beta will have 12 classes in total with the Warrior, Fighter, Magician, and Hunter as the base classes.

The game received much attention since its trailer was revealed at G-Star 2014 and the quality has been improved ever since through 3 CBTs and 2 FGTs. The company also received positive feedback for their active communication with players.

“Just as the slogan of Lost Ark goes - MMORPG again - we hope all gamers will experience the fun of a true online MMORPG with Lost Ark. We send our sincere gratitude to the players who have been with us for this meaningful journey and we’ll continue to provide the utmost service through constant communication,” said Won Gil Ji, CEO at Smilegate RPG.

You can check more details about Lost Ark on the official homepage.


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    level 1 oxenjo30


    Great game! 5 or 7 years before it arrive in NA/EU and another 10 years to arrive in SEA. :D by the time. New game will already be released.

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      level 1 Trevor_Markiw


      Depending on its success I can imagine that it will be undeniably a NA/EU release will be necessary. On the other hand you do make a good point, there could be potentially better games to be released before them state side. I know of a handful of MMO's coming out that will be great contenders.

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