[Cartoon] K/DA, Debuting On The World Championship Stage, Creating Hype And Sensation To The Fans.


This time around, the cartoon is based on the vastly popular virtual girl group project, K/DA.

Despite the finals for the World Championships ending so swiftly, both LoL fans and non-LoL fans alike are still abuzz about the event, due to one particular performance. However, it wasn't an amazing in-game play that attracted all this attention, it was none other than K/DA, who had their first ever concert show on the half-virtual stage.

Supplied with their own skins and given a stage by Riot, the girl group's initial reception was not too warm. Compared to the Elder Dragon that appeared at last year's Worlds, they were relatively smaller in size. On top of this, K/DA did not really carry the same name value that Imagine Dragons and Alan Walker have. There was also some skepticism from Korean fans, with many of them questioning whether a sexy idol performance was really a good representation of Korea.

Despite all this, the superb quality of the performance put these speculations to rest. Following the opening performance, the beautifully animated music video of the song was released on the internet; within only 3 days, the video surpassed 15 million views. The song itself made its way to the top 10 charts on a Korean music site. Currently, the K/DA song has secured a solid 7th place. With every passing minute, it is expected that K/DA will continue to gain popularity through the creation of fan art and cosplays.

Although the K/DA skins would have sold well on their own, Riot's release of the MV skyrocketed K/DA's popularity and success. Going beyond regular commercial marketing, Riot has received substantial praise for their unique and successful endeavor. Like the PentaKill band, will we also be able to see more songs from K/DA? Or will a boy group possibly appear to perform alongside K/DA? Everyone is looking forward to Riot’s next step.

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