iG Rookie: "I’m very thankful that people compare me to Faker, but I think I still have a long way to go to get close to Faker."

On the 3rd of November (KST), Invictus Gaming swept Fnatic in the 2018 League of Legends World Championship. Although a close competition was anticipated, iG stayed ahead in the games and claimed the title. Ning was awarded the finals MVP.

Following the finals, a press conference of the winners was held.

(To Rookie) Previously, you had said that Faker is the World’s best player. What do you think now?

Rookie: Even now, Faker still is the world’s best star, I can’t get above him yet.

(To Rookie) When it’s a carry meta like now, and when it isn’t, which is more convenient for you?

Rookie: The one where I can play a carry is a lot more easy for me.

(To TheShy) Today, you were seen ‘inting’ a few times.

TheShy: Since our team was all doing well and we were very ahead, I sometimes just went in alone and died.

(To Coach Kim) IG came all the way and won. How do you feel as a coach?

Kim Jeong-soo: The players of IG all have good mechanics, but bad macro. I tried to fix that, but as the players improved in macro, their performance became a lot better. We got better little by little.

(To Coach Kim) Although you had good results in Samsung Galaxy, it’s your first championship as a head coach. How do you feel?

Kim: We were 2nd place when I was in Samsung, and this time we won the championship. As the head coach, I came along with my players. There was the same pressure back then and now, but I’m very happy that this time, our results are better.

(To Duke) This is the second time you’ve won Worlds. How do you feel?

Duke: I’m happy that I can have two championship skins, but I’m even happier that I became the first player ever to win Worlds in two different teams.

(To Kim) You predicted 3-2 on the media day. How did you prepare today’s game?

Kim: The reason I predicted 3-2 was because we had many scrims with Fnatic during semis, and we didn’t have good results. During groups, we were trailing 1-2. I had said that they’re similar to KT, so we analyzed them watching VODs. Their support roams a lot and Bwipo played Viktor very well. We decided to ban out their main champs.

(To Rookie) You said that you’ll talk about how you feel after winning.

Rookie: I think it’s really valuable that my first championship ever is the world championship. The reason I didn’t say much yesterday was that if I am overly eager, I tend to become careless.

I was always sorry to the fans and my teammates because I couldn’t deliver in important moments. I feel so good because we have good results. Honestly, I don’t know how I feel. I don’t know if I really feel good. (Laughs) I think I just still can’t believe it.

(To Ning) You played well against Broxah’s Lee Sin, which he’s really confident in and even won the series MVP. How did you prepare?

Ning: I knew that he’s good at Lee Sin, but I’m also good at Lee Sin. I didn’t analyze him too much, but since he picked Lee Sin first, I was able to pick a champion that’s good against him.

(To Coach Kim) You banned Tristana and Sivir. What was the reason?

Kim: We had a bad memory against Tristana during groups, so we wanted to ban her. Also, Rekkles played so many games and had a very good win rate on her. We thought that there was no reason to give them champions they’re confident on, so we decided to ban them.

(To Coach Kim) How much incentive were you promised from the company? Can we expect you to try to get two consecutive championships with the same members?

Kim: Frankly, really honestly, I haven’t heard of getting an incentive. I wish I get some. I’m not even sure if all the players will stay either. I don’t know anything about the players’ contracts.


(To TheShy) After the semis, many people say that you’re the best top laner in the world. Is there any other top laner in any league that you think is your rival?

TheShy: I actually thought of that a lot, but I don’t think there’s anybody that’s better than me in the laning phase.


(To Rookie) Now you’re a world champion. As the world champion, what do you want to say to Faker going into 2019?

Rookie: I’m very thankful that people compare me to Faker, but I think I still have a long way to go to get close to Faker. I don’t even think that I’m a mid laner that can lane against him yet. Although I became the world champion today, I still don’t think that I’m the world’s best mid laner although fans may think otherwise.

I want to tell Faker that I’m always watching his games, his solo queues. I hope he continues to perform well with awesome plays.


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