[Source] American Telecommunication Conglomerate, Comcast Aims to Buy an LCK Seed Team

Will we be able to see a Comcast sponsored LoL team in the upcoming LCK split?   

According to Korean esports officials, American telecommunication company, Comcast has been making numerous meetings with LCK officials, players and coaches starting from this October. It is told that Comcast has been receiving consulting on buying an LCK organization before the transfer market which will be opening on the start of November.

With an American conglomerate aiming to find a spot in the Korean esports market, Comcast is currently in the center of attention among LoL officials; some say that this will possibly bring positive effects in the LCK. If Comcast joins the Korean LoL market, gaming teams might be able to stop the top LCK players from leaving to other leagues. As a matter of fact, Longzhu Gaming (currently Kingzone DragonX) and Gen.G Esports were able to make contract renewals with their players from the help of foreign capital. 

Comcast will also be able to expect a cost-effective advertisement effect. In order to buy an NA LCS seed team, one has to spend an exorbitant amount of money. On the other hand, buying an LCK team is much cheaper. With the amount of money that is needed to buy an NA team, one can even cover player/coach wages and the overall team management expenses of an LCK organization. 

Moreover, considering the advertisement effect of signing a popular player, and the huge brand exposure if the team makes it to the next Worlds, Comcast is expected to receive marketing benefits to a great extent. 

With the Korean LoL scene hitting a slight downturn due to the LCK teams failing to make it to the 2018 Worlds Semis, Comcast moving into the LCK itself is expected to bring a positive wave in the market. If they can successfully manage a team in the near future, it can make a good example for the other companies that are hesitant towards esports marketing. Although specific details are yet unknown, Comcast's move to the Korean LoL scene will indeed become the center of attention.

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