Gen.G Esports recruits female Fortnite duo Tinaraes and Maddisuun


Gen.G Esports has officially announced that the team has recruited Tina Perez and Madison Mann and formed a female Fortnite team. Fortnite is a battle royale shooting game developed by Epic Games and has become a hit, especially in North America and Europe. Tina Perez and Madison Mann, better known as Tinaraes and Maddisuun, are rising rookie players among the Fortnite community and joined together in Gen.G to form a duo and start their journey towards victory.

Gen.G has also recruited Kristen Valnicek for their new gaming initiative. Kristen Valnicek will support Jordan Sherman, the current manager for partnerships, in finding new partners, recruiting talented personnel, and engaging in community activities.

Kristen Valnicek has been enthusiastic in recruiting and supporting competitive players. As the founder of Team Kitty, she has provided a platform within Twitch where female gamers can have network connections and help each other. Through Gen.G’s effort to advance the growth of the Esports industry, Kristen Valnicek’s forward-facing vision will be implemented in the business that Gen G. will run.

Arnold Hur, the CGO of Gen.G Esports, commented: "Our fans should be thrilled about our Fortnite team and what this development means for the future of esports." He also added "Maddie and Tina come in with a desire to be great. They'll be taking advantage of all the Gen.G resources at their disposal to improve their craft. We believe that providing organizational support will allow Tina and Maddie to develop into amazing players. We're also really excited about the experience, energy, and passion that Kristen will bring to our organization."

Tina Perez and Maddison Mann will be the crux members of the Fortnite team in Gen.G and are expected to become one of the best Fortnite duos with the leadership and instruction of Gen.G’s coaching staff and managing staff.

“I am excited to play in global Fortnite tournaments with Maddie as a team,” Tina Perez added. “I’ve been training in different games for more than 10 years to have the opportunity to compete against the best players in the world, and we will always try our best to become one of them.”

Madison Mann said, “I want to thank Gen.G for appreciating our enthusiasm as competitive professional gamers. Tina and I are fierce competitors who love winning more than anything. We enjoy challenges, so we’ll always do our best in fighting against the best Fortnite players.”

The two players will be playing for Gen.G for the first time in the 2018 TwitchCon Fortnite Fall Skirmish which will be held at San Jose, California. Tina Perez has earned 12 points in the 3rd week of the Fortnite Fall Skirmish and ranked 4th place among North American participants.

Kristen Valnicek expressed her thoughts on joining Gen G. saying that “the Esports industry has great potential and I joined Gen.G so they can use all of the opportunities they can find. The newly formed Fortnite team is a good example of how Gen.G is looking for new opportunities. I believe the fans of Gen.G will be pleased with the direction Gen.G is going as well.”


Gen.G had recruited Chris Bosh, a former NBA champion, as a consultant a few weeks ago and he is now planning to be a mentor for Tina Perez and Madison Munn. The Esports industry currently lacks adequate support for the females in the gaming industry, but Gen.G has recognized their potential and will aim for long-term growth of the field.

Unlike traditional sports, geographical barriers is not an obstacle for players around the globe to play together. Esports can build massive infrastructure since any esports gamers can compete against the best players in the world. With their knowledge and experience in the gaming industry, Gen.G will build a player roster with more diversity and talent.

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