New Spirit Stone as Efficient as Shining Alchemy Stone of Protection/Destruction added to BDO KR!


A new Spirit Stone was added to Black Desert Online KR on October 23rd. The new Spirit Stone has the same effect as the Alchemy Stone but with low durability, and cannot be recharged, polished, or, upgraded. This Spirit Stone can be created only when your Alchemy Mastery is over 500, and the rate of getting higher grades will increase as your Alchemy Mastery increases.

The Spirit Stone is divided into two types -- Spirit Stone of Destruction and Protection. Each has 6 grades. It begins with Sharp Spirit Stone (Green/Blue/Yellow) and is followed by Resplendent, Splendid, and Shining. Their effects are the same as the Alchemy Stones with the same name; for example, Resplendent Spirit Stone of Destruction has AP +10 / All Accuracy +12 / Ignore All Resistance +6% / Attack Speed + 6% / Casting Speed +6%, which are the same effects as the Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction (Yellow).

There are more differences between the Spirit Stone and Alchemy Stone; first, the durability for the Spirit Stone is 20, which is quite low. You can see it as the number of times you can use it, and once its durability hits 0, it can no longer be used. Unlike the Alchemy Stone, it cannot be recharged, polished, or upgraded. However, it is cheap and is tradable through the marketplace.


▲ Resplendent Spirit Stone of Destruction has the same effects as Resplendent Alchemy Stone of Destruction.


New Spirit Stones & Effects



The new Spirit Stone can be created through the Alchemy Tool installed in your housing, only when you have over 500 Alchemy Mastery. The Alchemy Mastery is influenced by your Life Skill levels and related equipment (the newly-added Alchemy equipment).


When creating the Spirit Stone, the required materials differ slightly between the Spirit Stone of Protection or the Stone of Destruction, but the materials needed for each grade are the same. This means that the same materials are needed for crafting Sharp Spirit Stone of Destruction and Shining Spirit Stone of Destruction. What grade your Spirit Stone will become depends on rates, although there is a higher chance of getting higher grades if your Alchemy Mastery is high.


The materials needed for crafting Spirit Stone of Destruction are: Spirit Stone of Perfection x 5, Mystical Spirit Powder x 50, Metal Solvent x 50, Cron Stone x 5, and Spirit Affinity Reagent x 1. The materials needed for crafting Spirit Stone of Protection are similar, it just needs 50 Gem Polishers instead of Metal Solvent.

The Spirit Stone of Perfection can be created by using Relentless Origin of Life x 4, Rough Five-colour Crystal x 4, and Oil of Tranquility x 10. Origin of Life can be created by using Sunrise Herb x 50, Silver Azalea x 50, Fire-Flake Flower x 50, Dry Mane Grass x 50, and Silk Honey Grass x 50. Rough Five-colour Crystal can be created by using Translucent Crystal x 50, Mud Crystal x 50, Black Crystal x 50, Blue Crystal x 50, and Violet Crystal x 50.

As for the Spirit Affinity Reagent, it can be obtained through repeated quests from Alustin in Velia if your character’s Alchemy Mastery is over 800 or Alchemy Level is over Master 10.



The Required Items for Crafting Spirit Stone


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