After today's IEM victory, Samsung Galaxy's next goal is to win LCK


Samsung Galaxy defeated Kongdoo Monster 3-1 and won IEM LoL 2016. SSG boasted a solid teamwork that led to overall map dominance, showing that the team's roster remained the same for a reason. SSG told us in post-match interview that the team's ambitious journey had just begun. The following is a transcription of SSG's interview.

How do you feel after winning the tournament?

CuVee: It's a smaller tournament but I am still glad that we won. We will continue to show strong performance in LCK.

Ambition: I thought this was a tournament that we just had to win.

Crown: IEM felt rather small especially after we came back from Worlds, but I think it was a good warmup for next year. We will continue our performance also in Katowice.

Ruler: I am glad that we won in a good tournament like this.

CoreJJ: Today's victory adds another record to our career, and I feel glad.

KDM seemed to have been doing well, coming second in KeSPA Cup. Did you expect to win?

Crown: I did not care so much about KeSPA Cup, because it was a smaller tournament and we were all tired after Worlds. I thought we could win if I did well enough today, because I knew that my teammates were already good.

Who do you think made the biggest contribution today?

Crown: I think it's me. [laughs]

Ambition: Well, in LoL, if the team wins it's because the mid laner did well. If the team lost, that's because the mid laner did poor. Crown was crowned as the MVP today, so I think he did well today.

CoreJJ: I think we won because our mid lane and top lane came strong.

It seemed like you guys were having a tough time in Set 3.

Ambition: Crown was tilted and things were tough whatever we did to make things better. [laughs] We made a lot of mistakes overall. I think we were all too loosened up.

SSG ended 2016 with a victory. What is SSG's plan for next year?

Ambition: Worlds is our first goal, and our bigger goal is to win LCK. If we win LCK Spring by having a better starting ground than other teams, I think we will be able to carry our momentum all the way to Worlds.

You guys are going to Katowice.

Ambition: This is the third time I'm going there. It's a tough trip. It's too cold, and there's nothing around me.

SKT T1 is also coming to Katowice. Do you feel confident?

CuVee: Mid lane matchup is especially important when we are playing against SKT T1. [laughs] I think there's a good chance that we can win.

Crown: I think they are just trying to put the blame on me if we lose. [laughs] Mid lane is important, but I think other lanes should also help out. LoL is a team-based game.

Unlike other teams that changed their roster, SSG remained the same. Any thoughts on that?

CoreJJ: We do have an advantage that we are playing with the same people, but I don't think such benefit would last so long. If we do well, that means we are just a good team. If we don't do well, it means we are just not as good.

Any last words?

Ruler: I think we will be able to pull a good result against other rebuilt teams if we try hard as we have been doing so far.

CoreJJ: I am glad that I can spend another year with LCK's best ADC. I will show strong performance with Ruler. Please keep cheering for us.

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