IG Duke: "I believe both RNG and G2 are strong. It won’t surprise me if either of them makes it up. "

On the 20th, at the Busan Bexco Auditorium, the 2018 League of Legends World Championship Quarterfinals match between LPL’s Invictus Gaming and LCK’s kt Rolster took place. Both teams played their hearts out and pushed the match to a full 5-game series. In the end, however, IG came out on top with a score of 3-2, eliminating Korea’s 1st seed out of the tournament. IG’s sub top laner, ‘Duke', played Aatrox in game 4 in place of 'TheShy'.

The following is an interview with IG Duke.

(Photo Credit by RiotGames)

Congratulations on your victory! How do you feel?

I’m glad that we were able to defeat a big team, KT Rolster. However, we still have a long way to go, so I’m not ecstatic about it.

In game 4, you were subbed in for TheShy. What was behind that decision?

It wasn’t my choice to play in place of TheShy, it was the coach’s decision -- so I’m not too sure. I think I was subbed in to switch things up a bit.

In your next match, you’ll either play against G2 or RNG. Who are you expecting to see in the Semifinals?

I believe both teams are strong. It won’t surprise me if either of them makes it up.

But personally, I want RNG to make it to the Semifinals. We lost a lot of games to them this year; I want revenge.

Although you only played one game this series, you played against Smeb. How was the laning phase?

Early on, Smeb secured a kill in a 1 vs. 2. From that point on, I had zero opportunities to bounce back.

What was the most important factor for IG to win today?

After losing to Fnatic in the group stage, we [the players] received a lot of feedback. We kept that feedback in mind while playing today, and I think that’s why we were able to win.

What kind of feedback did you guys receive?

It was about taking number advantages in skirmishes and teamfights.

In game 4, after you were subbed in, KT Rolster began playing a very careful macro game. It must’ve been very frustrating in your end.

We really wanted to look for advantageous fights, but KT did a good job of not giving us an opening. It was a bit frustrating.

It must’ve been very disappointing that you lost in the only game that you played in.

It was unfortunate… had I killed Irelia in the 2 vs. 1, I think the result could’ve gone differently.

Who is IG’s MVP today?

I think everyone deserves it. Each and every player shined in at least one of the five games.

Do you think IG can reach the Finals in its current state?

We’re a good team. I believe we’re fully capable of reaching it.

Any last words for the fans?

I played in only one of the five games… and unfortunately, lost it. In the next matches, I’ll do my best to show good form.

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