New 2018 Halloween Costume Released! Dress Up as Demon & Get a Halloween Themed Butler

New costumes have been added to Black Desert Online KR in celebration of 2018’s Halloween! The new collection includes Vestillio for the male classes and Vespena for the female classes. The appearance for each class is identical for the same gender, and the costume does not include any separate weapons.

First, the Vestillio set for the male class includes armor pieces comprised of metal plates over dark fabric. The costume was designed to look like a demon with a horned helmet and a pair of big, black wings. The wings actually work as a cloak and if you click on 'hide cloak', the wings will disappear.

The Vespena set looks lighter than the male version; it’s a form-fitting leather jumpsuit and a short jacket over it. The helmet comes as a hair tie so the character will be wearing a ponytail when equipped with it. Also, the Vespena comes with a half-transparent pair of wings, unlike the Vestillio.


Harris the Butler has been added (Butler is the male version of Maid); Harris comes in a clown outfit matching the Halloween vibe -- clown face painting, striped pants, and pointy imp shoes. Although it looks great for a Halloween theme, we recommend getting a Maid for those who don’t feel comfortable with clowns. Butlers for both storage and transaction can be purchased, and the price is the same as the Maid.


※ The names of the costumes are temporary translations and may be changed when the official translation is released.


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