KT Mata on Playing at Worlds: "This isn’t about nationality but it’s about playing as a team. That’s why we didn’t feel that pressured."

On the 16th of October (KST), kt Rolster (KT) finished their Worlds 2018 Group Stage in 1st place and advanced to the quarterfinals. 

KT has been unstoppable throughout this Worlds. Although they did lose against their game against EDG today, they dominated their first and last game. Especially on the first match against TL, KT's support, Mata displayed exceptional performance on his Gragas. His kill on LeBlanc near the mid lane was indeed one of the best highlights for the 2018 Worlds Group Stage.

After the game, we met up with Mata for an after game interview. 


KT advanced to the quarters on first place. What are your overall thoughts on the Groups?

Although we did have difficulties at times, I feel happy that we’ve advanced in first place. I think we gained positive momentum to get through our future schedules.


In today’s match against Team Liquid, You seemed remarkable on your Gragas. What was the reason for this pick?

I picked him for his high CC skills. I knew that he would give a boost to our teamfight.


Weren’t you pressured since the Korean teams rather underperformed for this Groups? As a matter of fact, Afreeca Freecs’ Spirit told us that he tried more to get out of groups since KT could possibly feel pressured if they’re the only one to advance.

Well, I do understand what he tried to say. However, this isn’t about nationality but it’s about playing as a team. That’s why we didn’t feel that pressured. The team had fun and just tried our best to do our own thing. I think that we have more to show for the fans.


Today, EDG added some close-ranged, aggressive teamfight champions to their pick against KT. 

Almost every champion on EDG had some engage skills. That’s why we tried to counter them. I think they played well on those champs. Although they did have some good OP champions on their side, we also did have some concrete champs as well. Every team has their own point of view.


The Chinese teams have been performing very well. What do you think is the difference compared to your times in the LPL?

They’ve been always good. Mechanically, they were already outstanding. I think it was just about shaping up more as a team. In my point of view, they seem to have improved on their macro game.


Do you have anything to say to your global fans?

It’s really good to hear the roar from the Korean fans. I think this was the loudest roar I heard in my pro career. Although you guys might be not fully satisfied, I do think we did our best. I’ll try better to get to the semis and then the finals as well. Thank you so much!

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