SSol: " I have been looking forward to meeting Samsung Galaxy."


Kongdoo Monster won 2-1 against Immortals at IEM semifinals today. Jinsol "SSol" Seo was among them, making notable contribution to the team's victory along with Hoseong "Edge" Lee. Inven had a chance to meet SSol and ask questions about today's matchup and upcoming grand finals against Samsung Galaxy.

How do you feel about today's matchup?

We certainly won when we were scrimming against Immortals, and I feel a little sad that we lost a game today.

It seemed like you were having a tough time in Set 2. Did you not expect the enemy to pick Thresh?

We were originally planning to pick Twitch should the enemy pick Ezreal. We did expect the enemy to pick Thresh, but we did not come up with an effective countermeasure.

Do you think Ezreal and Karma form an effective duo? Is that why you prefer playing Ezreal with GuGer's Karma?

Ezreal and Karma produce a great synergy, which can result in major profit in lanefights. I don't think they are the strongest duos out there, but I do prefer Ezreal because his increased Mana over time allows him to just fire the skills away. I can easily fight against the enemy once I land Mystic Shot well enough. Other champions being nerfed also played a part, and these are the reasons why I enjoy playing with Ezreal.

Do you think we would be able to see Vayne more often in tournaments?

I think Vayne could appear in tournaments, but I don't think she would be the mainstream. No matter how skilled the player is, Vayne puts a cap on how well the player can perform in lanefights. She does show some strong showing in teamfights, but picking Vayne only for that reason puts too much risk. Snowballs nowadays roll very fast...

Why do you think you lost in Set 2?

Enemy Hecarim was fed too well because we were continuously ganked by him around bot lane. Thresh also became major threat to us as the time progressed because he effectively shook our macro.

You seem to have made improved a lot in these days. How do you think you were able to do that?

I talked a lot with my teammates to better fit myself in the team play. I tried to minimize my mistakes while at the same time enhancing the strengths I already had.

It was your first time meeting a foreign team in a major tournament. Did you notice any difference in between Korean teams and foreign teams?

I really could have pulled a better game, and I regret that I wasn't able to show the best I've got. I think foreign teams tend to push too hard in late game.

You are now going against Samsung Galaxy in the finals. Do you have anything to say on that?

SSG came second in Worlds this year. I had chance to scrim with them and I felt for sure that they were really good as a team. However, I think we will still be able to pull a solid matchup if we successfully come together as a team. I've wanted to play against them also in KeSPA Cup, and I am grateful that I finally got a chance to meet them on the stage. This is a good opportunity, and we will show the best we've got. I think it is going to be a close game, but I think we will be able to win 3-2. [laughs]

Any last words?

IEM is the last tournament this year, and I will try hard for our matchup against SSG.

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